Russian Volume


This is the fullness set lash artist can offer for you! 5-8 fake lashes per your one natural. If you are looking for dramatic look Russian volume is for you!



This is the most natural look lash artist can offer. Classic set means one fake lash per one natural lash. If you never did your lashes before classic set is for you!

Light Volume


This is still natural look, but more full. We consider light volume is 2-3 lashes in a fan per one natural lash.

Medium Volume


This set is really good amount of volume! 4-5 fake lashes in a fan per one natural lash. If you would like to achieve “wow” effect medium volume is for you!



Classic Set $100-$140
2 hrs
Light Volume $120-$160
2 hrs 30 mins - 2 hrs
Medium Volume $150-$180
3 hrs - 2 hrs 30 mins
Russian Volume $180-$200
3 hrs
Lash Lift $100
1 hr


Classic set 3 weeks $80-$100
1 hr 30 mins
Light Volume 3 weeks $100-$120
2 hrs 30 mins - 1 hr 30 mins
Medium Volume 3 weeks $130-$140
2 hrs 30 mins - 2 hrs
Russian Volume 3 weeks $150
2 hrs
Lash Removal $20
30 mins

We invite you to the professional eyelash extension studio in Hollywood! Our studio is conveniently located in Miami which is easily accessible from such places as Hallandale, Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Beach, etc.

Eyelash extensions – is a complex cosmetic procedure, which can not be trusted to not every master!

Eyelash Extension Studio HIT Lashes – it is not only a quality extensions of different types of volumes, for example: Classic set, Light volume, Medium volume and Russian volume!

In our studio you can also relax, for a few hours get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Have tea, coffee or a glass of champagne before treatment. Have a rest during the creation of beauty. Some clients even fall asleep while the masters are extending eyelashes.

All our masters have been trained at the best lashmaking schools in the USA and have extensive practical experience in eyelash extensions. In our studio we use only premium materials at attractive prices.

Since 2022 HIT Lashes – it’s not just a professional eyelash extension studio, we are now engaged in training of masters with the issuance of certificates in Miami. The most diligent students we can offer further employment in our friendly team.

We look forward to seeing you in our studio!


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Julia Nikolaeva

I’m a lash expert (trainer and artist) based in Hollywood. And I help women to express their beauty and uniqueness in a way that leads them to have the independence and strength to succeed in every arena. I’m the owner of the beautiful HIT Lashes studio and HIT Lashes brand. And you are very welcome to our studio.

They said

Outstanding area to get eyelashes. The ladies where exquisitely courteous. I was so tranquilized out while Julia kindly did my refill for my lashes. Positive vibes! Will return to get my HIT lashes once more.

Lucy W.

Glad that I find a great spot to get stunning lashes! The girls are exceedingly kind! Since my special day is close, I thought why not pamper myself with it. It's been forever since my last one, when it gave me pain every early morning. But the present treatment doesn't cause discomfort at all. No stinging eyes either! Thanks to expert master for my mixed classic and volume lashes! I will be back for refill in 3 weeks.

Debra H.

The thickness and abundance at no additional cost. LIKE! I was going to Julia for some time and afterward different lash spots however none similar to HIT Lashes studio. So pleased with this spot. I won't be going anyplace else.

Nicole M.



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