Meet our founder

Julia Nikolaeva – Eyelash Extension Expert

"Female empowerment means that as women we can own our dreams and succeed at everything we put our minds to."

As a lash expert (trainer and artist) I help women to express their beauty and uniqueness in a way that leads them to have the independence and strength to succeed in every arena. I have helped over 100 ladies become lash artists and thouthands of women conquer the world with HIT Lashes.

About me

I’m glad that as a lash expert & trainer I can be an inspiration for other women

I’m a lash artist who has been growing in the South Florida area for the past 4 years. In just 4 years I have created a brand that has led to livestreaming and speaking engagements, I own my own salon, lead masterclasses, and have written a manual.

I made the sacrifices to succeed and trained professionally in how to train others in lash artistry, and am now helping women to express their beauty and uniqueness. I love partnering with other lash entrepreneurs and creating community.

As a lash artist I want to put the best quality lashes on my customers. Trying lashes from the biggest importers, I created a premier product that will not melt and is con-sis-tent from end to end.

If you are interested in entre-pre-neur-ship or learning how your lashes can lead you to be A “HIT” in every area, connect with me.