Collagenation of eyelashes

Collagenation of eyelashes: features and benefits of the procedure

Every woman wants to look beautiful at any age. To do this, you can use cosmetology, proper makeup and modern techniques for improving appearance. Collagenation of eyelashes is a simple but effective procedure that allows you to fill them with collagen. We offer a closer look at the nuances of such a technique, its pros and cons.

Benefits of the procedure

Collagenation of eyelashes is now done in many beauty salons or beauty parlors. Collagen protein is applied to the hairs, sealing microscopic scales from the inside and creating an invisible protective film on the surface. Eyelashes after that look healthy – they become smooth and shiny, the effect of lengthening and additional volume is visually created.

Collagenation does not harm your natural hairs, does not make them brittle and dry. After applying the composition, you can even sleep with your head in the pillow.

  • Already a day after applying the composition, you can use any decorative cosmetics, makeup removers.
  • To keep the result for a long time, you do not need to change your lifestyle, there are no restrictions.
  • 2 days after collagenization, you can visit the steam room, swimming pool, swim in the sea. It will not affect the condition of your eyelashes in any way.
  • Suitable even for girls who wear contact lenses.
  • Shine, smoothness and density of eyelashes remain for about 3 months.

Lamination and collagenization of eyelashes have the same technology of execution, and differ only in that the means for collagenization include a cortex, which restores the structure of eyelashes from the inside and has a healing effect.

Who suits?

Collagenation of eyelashes is a procedure for thinned and weakened hairs. But for the cumulative effect, it will have to be repeated regularly. The preparation contains hydrolyzed collagen, keratin, vitamins E and A, oat extract. The technology is safe, often used in the complex treatment and restoration of eyelashes after extension, damage or long-term use of decorative cosmetics.

Having studied the photo of the results of eyelash collagenization, you can notice a significant difference before and after the procedure. Use this composition if you have very brittle eyelashes, they lack length and volume, there is no beautiful bend, hair loss has increased due to a lack of nutrients.

Preparation for eyelash collagenization

Before the procedure, you need to consult with a cosmetologist and test for sensitivity to the active components of the composition used. Collagenation is not recommended if you have any ophthalmic diseases, a tendency to allergies, pathologies of the endocrine system, epilepsy, during pregnancy and lactation.

On the eve of the procedure, it is better to refuse to use mascara and other decorative cosmetics, as this may affect the quality of the curl. Extended eyelashes should be removed in a few days, carefully clean the eyelashes from the remnants of glue and remover. Third-party substances must not react with collagen.

Immediately before the procedure, the master disinfects hands and tools, cleanses the skin and eyelashes from sebaceous secretions and impurities using a degreaser. The hairs on the lower eyelid are carefully combed with a brush and isolated under the tape. A special roller is used to fix the eyelashes on the upper eyelid, form a beautiful curve and protect the skin from the composition. It can be of different shapes and sizes and is selected depending on the results that you would like to get.

What tool is used?

The stabilizer has a restorative effect and is actively used for collagenization. It performs the following tasks:

  • restores the moisture level of eyelashes due to the high content of betaine;
  • improves shine, makes hair soft and smooth to the touch;
  • strengthens cilia, prevents their loss;
  • increases the duration of maintaining a new shape and volume;
  • reduces the period of adaptation to extended eyelashes;
  • protects eyelashes from external influences.

The composition contains avocado oil, green tea extract, acai berries and other nutrients that create a protective hydrolipidic film on the hair, which also retains moisture well.

Procedure technique

After completing all the points of the preparatory stage, the master proceeds to fixing the eyelashes. After all the hairs are fixed on the upper eyelid, a lifting balm is applied for a SPA bath (for this, a film, a cotton pad and a warm towel with foil are used).

The volume and hold agent is applied along the entire length of the eyelashes, but not directly on the roots, so that it does not get into the eye. For this, a special brush is used. Twist Vital Lash Botox is applied after coloring. Before the next step (applying a nourishing product), it is important to arrange a SPA bath again. The eyelashes are raised, with a cotton swab dipped in oil, the fixing plate, patch is carefully removed, the skin of the eyelid is processed. Coloring is carried out only if the eyelashes are very light, and you need to make them brighter.

How to care for eyelashes after collagenization?

The result of the procedure is beautiful and healthy eyelashes. It can last for 2-3 months if you follow a few simple rules. Within a day after collagenization, do not wet your eyes, do not visit the pool, bath or sauna, let the composition get well fixed inside the hairs. Avoid contact with steam while ironing or cooking.

Experts do not recommend dyeing eyelashes with waterproof mascara. To remove it, you will have to rub your eyes hard, use makeup removers that can dissolve and wash out collagen. If itching, redness, or other symptoms of an allergic reaction occur, seek medical attention immediately.