10 Animals with the Longest Lashes

Eyelash Envy: 10 Animals with the Longest Lashes

Long fluffy eyelashes are the cherished dream of all women, for which they buy the most expensive mascara and go to a beauty salon for various cosmetic procedures. While some animals received such a “gift” from nature just like that, not even suspecting their luck.


In every culture, you can find a great many legends and myths associated with the fallow deer. At all times, this beautiful deer was treated as a totem animal. Doe is associated with grace, feminine nature and tenderness. And for good reason. Just look at her luxurious thick eyelashes! Although this is not an attribute of beauty, but only a means of protecting the eye from drying out and dust particles, such cilia cannot leave anyone indifferent.


The giraffe is the animal with the longest eyelashes in the world. As in the case of a camel, they are an important element of survival, since in dusty Africa with short eyelashes you will not last long. Interesting fact: the length of the eyelashes of a giraffe depends on how large the eye itself is.


This majestic and noble animal also boasts some of the longest eyelashes in the world. It is not surprising that the horse was awarded such wealth: first of all, she loves to run – short cilia would not have coped with such powerful air currents.

Secretary Bird

It is difficult to confuse such a bird with any other. Stepping majestically, shaking its long black feathers on the back of its head and arrogantly looking at the world from under the fan of its gorgeous long eyelashes, the secretary bird fully justifies its name. One gets the impression that the bird has just visited the extension procedure.


The length of the camel’s eyelashes is largely determined by the climatic conditions in which it traditionally lives. They protect it from powerful desert winds and sandstorms. And, of course, it’s just insanely beautiful.


This animal with a slightly sad look also boasts unusually fluffy eyelashes.


In an elephant, they are “fans”, which look incredibly long against the background of small eyes.


Thick and fluffy cilia are necessary for this animal as a means of protection from sand and dust.


Long eyelashes of an ostrich in the past were considered an ideal material for brushes, with which more than one masterpiece of world art was written. Eyelashes are one of the reasons why ostriches were practically exterminated in the historical homeland at the beginning of the last century. Excellent brushes are made from their eyelashes, artists write masterpieces with them

Kaffir Horned Raven

The eyelashes of this bird are a real miracle of nature, reminiscent of the aperture of a lens.