Extended Eyelashes Stuck Together

Extended Eyelashes Stuck Together? Here’s Why Choosing the Right Lash Master Matters

Gluing on the extended eyelashes leads to the fact that the natural hairs weaken and fall out. An experienced master does not glue eyelashes for clients, since the reasons for this are unprofessionalism or haste, in which one bunch is applied after another before the glue hardens.

To test, run the brush over your lashes and see if it gets stuck. If it gets stuck, the master must fix the extended hairs or completely remove them.

How to grow eyelashes without glues and detachments

An experienced master must observe the following rules and recommendations:

  • When working, two tweezers should be used – the second is necessary to separate the base eyelash from the others, which will prevent the hairs from sticking together. If you use only one tweezer, there is a risk that the eyelashes will fall apart into bunches that will tangle and stick out in different directions.
  • It is necessary to observe an indent of 0.5-1 mm from the skin of the eyelids, otherwise the firmly adhered material will pull the skin away, which will lead to tingling, itching, injury to the skin and cilia.
  • An exception is the beam technique with a gentle composition: in this case, glue can be applied to the eyelids.
  • It is impossible to hurry with eyelash extensions – the procedure takes 2-3 hours.
  • In the work it is necessary to use materials with quality certificates. Allergic reactions may occur to cheap formulations.
  • You need to use high-quality glue and apply the artificial eyelash correctly. Otherwise, discomfort will occur, and the extended eyelashes will begin to prick and quickly peel off.

At the same time, gluing on extended eyelashes (the photo is given in the article) is not always due to the unprofessionalism of the master.

Eyelash extensions: gluing due to the fault of the client

Eyelash adhesions can occur if you:

  • Eyelashes were not combed. Combing makes the hairs smooth and also eliminates loose eyelashes.
  • They slept on their stomachs, rubbed their eyes.
  • They didn’t brush over the eyelashes after a shower, when the hairs were dry and the glue had hardened.
  • It is important to choose the right master. Glues on eyelashes are dangerous, so make sure the professionalism of the lash maker: study the photos of his work, customer reviews, ask your friends for recommendations. It is important that eyelash extensions be the main activity for the master, and not a side job.

So, gluing on extended eyelashes leads to unpleasant consequences. To prevent them, contact only trusted specialists and properly care for your eyelashes.