Rhinestone Eyelash Extensions: Adding a Touch of Bling to Your Look

Rhinestone Eyelash Extensions: Adding a Touch of Bling to Your Look

Do you want to create a luxurious evening look with which it is simply impossible to go unnoticed at any holiday? Then choose eyelash extensions with rhinestones, because this technique adds zest to makeup, allows you to emphasize individuality. To ensure that the result is as you expected and lasts as long as possible, pay due attention to the choice of an experienced craftsman who uses only high-quality materials in his work.

Features of building with rhinestones

Bright and shining eyelash extensions with rhinestones will make your look unique and attract the attention of others. Such decoration is more suitable for some celebrations, parties and holidays. But modern girls use a similar technique even in everyday life.

To decorate eyelashes, small glass or acrylic stones of different colors are used, completely transparent or with a delicate sheen. Swarovski rhinestones are characterized by a bright brilliance, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. However, these stones are quite expensive. Often several types of rhinestones are combined in one extension – white and colored, with gold glitter and chameleons.

In any image, rhinestones on extended eyelashes look stylish and original. You can get a natural effect with a slight accent or a completely doll-like look. For decoration, you can use different base hairs – from mink, sable, silk, silicone.

Materials used

Before gluing rhinestones on eyelash extensions, select the effect you want to achieve. Pebbles come in different shapes, textures, sizes and colors. You can stick just a few sparkles or decorate almost every hair with them.

The most popular types of rhinestones for eyelash extensions:

  • with cold fastening and a flat matte base;
  • with a silver-plated back and imitation precious stones;
  • crystal rhinestones with many facets, creating an exquisite glow;
  • artificial resin stones for a beautiful daytime look.

Crystals come in different diameters. Marking is indicated on the packaging with materials. The smaller the rhinestones, the more comfortable they are to wear and look more natural. The shade of the stones is selected individually, according to the outfit, the color of the eyes and hair. On the eyelashes, you can fix not only round rhinestones, but also crystals in the form of a heart, a drop or an asterisk.

In order not to accidentally harm your health, do not try to stick stones on your eyelashes yourself. Entrust this work to an experienced lashmaker who will select suitable rhinestones and safe materials. For fastening, a special glue is used, which can be based on cyanoacrylate. When using any remedy, it is important to observe safety precautions and first make an allergy test for sensitivity to its components.

The technology of gluing rhinestones on extended eyelashes

For additional decoration of hairs on the eyelids, in addition to glue and crystals, you will need brushes, special tweezers and a magnifying mirror. Before starting the procedure, you need to remove all eye makeup and degrease the eyelashes. The scheme for attaching pebbles is thought out in advance.

The master grabs one rhinestone with tweezers, applies a little glue to its flat part, and then places it on a specific area of \u200b\u200bthe eyelashes. With a thin stick, you can adjust the location of the crystal. The glue base hardens in 2-5 minutes, and after that the decorations no longer move.