Everything you should know about Russian Volume lashes

Everything you should know about Russian Volume lashes

Chic Russian voluminous lashes are no longer the beauty secret of 90s models or the Kardashian family. Eyelash extensions have evolved over the decades and are now as easy to achieve as a manicure. More and more salons offer eyelash extensions and many specialists have been trained in Russian volume lash extensions to provide their clients with the high quality and desired results. Read more about eyelash extension course in Miami

If you are not the first day in this field, then you may have already heard about this technology. Russian volume lashes are the latest trend in the eyelash extension industry. Volume lashes are often 10 times the volume of classic lash extensions and are usually lighter in weight. This technology has proven that even the owners of rare and thin eyelashes can boast an expressive look without much effort.

Russian voluminous eyelashes require knowledge of advanced techniques, which involve many hours of training for extension masters. In the process of extension, you can achieve an effect from 2D to 10D by attaching from two to ten extended hairs to one natural one in the form of individual lashes. Volume lashes used to create tufts can range in thickness from 0.03 to 0.10 mm and are generally lighter in weight than conventional lash extensions. The method of attaching many soft and thin eyelashes creates the effect of voluminous and separated eyelashes, making the look even more expressive. Volume is provided by fan-shaped eyelashes, which look thicker than with classic extensions. In addition to the emphasized length that regular extensions can achieve, voluminous lashes add extra thickness to natural lashes. This effect cannot be achieved by adding only one hair to a natural eyelash, which usually occurs in the process of classic extension.

Russian voluminous lashes accentuate the lash line, filling in between the lashes and highlighting thin lashes. Because volumizing hairs are lightweight and do not require a lot of glue, they cause less damage to natural lashes and look fluffy and soft. One 3D volume lash (three individual lashes create one tuft) 0.07mm thick and 12mm long weighs less than one classic 0.20mm lash. This also allows, in some cases, to increase the period of use of volume eyelashes compared to classic extensions. Caring for voluminous lashes is no different from caring for classic extensions and can often be incorporated into regular facial cleansing routines that involve gentle cleansing of false lashes.

Comparison of volume and classic eyelash extensions

While the classic extension adds the desired length to natural lashes, the Russian volume extension further defines the lash line and deepens the color so that they look voluminous and dense. Many people want to not only increase the length of their lashes, but also add volume to create an expressive look. Russian volume lashes are perfect for this and can look very natural when applied by an experienced professional. Russian volume lashes are unique in that they are applied to natural lashes in a fan-shaped form that is difficult to master without training – hence the importance of finding an experienced stylist who knows the technique of applying Russian volume lashes.

Volume lashes are noticeably thinner and therefore lighter than lashes used in classic extensions. Typically, volume lashes have a thickness of 0.03 to 0.10 mm, which is less than classic lashes with a diameter of 0.15 to 0.20 mm. This contributes to a soft and airy effect when using volume lashes. In the process of volume eyelash extension, accuracy and accuracy of application are required, so the procedure can last up to two hours.

Since the Russian Volume Extension technique requires attaching more than one strand to one natural lash, it may seem that the extension will weigh down the eyelid and cause damage to the natural lashes. But in fact, as we have already said, in many cases one Russian volume eyelash (for example, 3D) can weigh less or as much as one classic, which means that it will not damage the natural eyelash. However, clients who want to achieve a red carpet lash effect using 10D mega volume kits are advised not to use this type of extension frequently as natural lashes can become brittle.

When choosing between volume and classic lashes, consider your natural lash type and the end result you’re looking for. If you have naturally thick eyelashes and you do not seek to increase their volume, then the classic extension will help you achieve the desired length. If you’re looking to add fullness and length to your lash line, Russian Volume Lashes are what you’ve been looking for. Volume extension technique involves adding a few extra hairs to each natural lash, which allows you to achieve incredible density and expressiveness of the lash line, unattainable by other types of extension. Volume lashes are also suitable for adding extra density to those who naturally have thick and long lashes.

Expertise in eyelash extensions

Today, there are many eyelash extension offers on the market, but only professionals can guarantee high quality and durability. Before mastering the extension technique, competent specialists undergo many hours of training in specialized courses, and they know how to properly perform the procedure, taking into account the natural shape of the eyelashes. Applying the new volume lash technology requires a lot of practice, experience and precision. Stylists are trusted with a very sensitive area and it takes someone who really understands what they are doing. Volume lash extension technology requires isolating natural lashes, securely attaching a few extra hairs to them, and so on. All this is painstaking and tedious work, and can only be mastered through training courses of long practice.

Craftsmen are also responsible for acquiring the highest quality products. The use of high-quality materials, including for the manufacture of false eyelashes and glue, contributes to a better end result. There are many quality products available to lash extension technicians to help set lashes, reduce procedure time and improve overall service quality. There are also many products on the market designed to make extension technique easier. These may include ready-made eyelash bundles. In this version, the extension lashes are already joined together, making the extension technique easier for less experienced lash technicians.

In addition to the above, extension masters must be able to analyze the structure and type of natural eyelashes and recommend eyelashes of a suitable volume to the client. Russian volume eyelashes reach 10D mega-volume. Not all natural lashes can handle this amount of extra material. If the client’s own lashes are thin or brittle, applying two, three or four additional hairs to one natural lash may be the ideal solution. The denser and thicker natural lashes can withstand the addition of more lashes.

Ready-made lashes

HIT Lashes was created to enable experienced professionals to apply the highest quality voluminous lashes to enhance the natural beauty of their clients. With over 15 years of experience in eyelash extensions, HIT Lashes have excelled in the production of Russian Volume Lashes and are leaders in the field.

HIT Lashes provides ready-made fan lashes in volumes from 2D to 5D, which are convenient for stylists and comfortable for their clients. Volume eyelashes have different length, curl and thickness. We have options that are easy to use and suitable even for beginners. Ready fan lashes are pre-assembled, perfectly positioned lash tufts that save time and make the extension process easier for both stylists and their clients.

The use of ready-made fan eyelashes speeds up the extension process and does not require the preparation of separate bundles. Pre-assembled lashes allow stylists to start extensions without lengthy training and increase client flow by saving time. The more happy customers, the more successful your business develops! Masters can choose volume eyelashes that are attached to the tape, or individual eyelashes collected in bunches. This allows both beginners and experienced professionals to use volume fan lashes in their work.

Join the movement

Today, eyelash extension technology has undoubtedly made a huge leap in the production of materials and their application. Craftsmen with a wide variety of tasks are coming to this leading beauty trend, allowing all of us to achieve long, thick and seductive eyelashes easily and at an affordable price.

If you want incredible volume, length and maximum separation without damaging your natural lashes, Russian Volume Lashes are the best option! This solution is ideal for those who have sparse and thin natural eyelashes, and for those with long and dense eyelashes, it allows you to achieve an even more expressive look. A hit all over the world, Russian Volume Lashes have gained customer acceptance due to their versatility that classic lashes do not have. Soft and voluminous volume lashes allow you to achieve a natural, full lash line without damaging natural lashes and without causing difficulties in care.

Knowing the latest trends in eyelash extension products is key for those who are just starting out or already maintaining the high quality of products used in the salon. The use of Fluffy Lashes pre-made ultra-thin synthetic fan lashes enhances the quality of lash attachment and reduces treatment time by eliminating the need to create separate lash tufts for each application. We are confident that as the industry grows and technology advances, we will see even more advancement in the field of volume lashes!