How long do eyelash extensions last?

How long do eyelash extensions last?

If you want a bright, expressive look without makeup, eyelash extensions are the way to go. You might be wondering how long they last, though. We’ve got the answer. The duration of wearing synthetic eyelashes depends on a few things. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to make them last as long as possible.

What determines the duration of wearing eyelash extensions?

The typical duration of artificial hair wear ranges from 3 to 8 weeks. The longevity of eyelash extensions and their ability to maintain a flawless appearance hinge on several factors:

Compliance with the technology of the procedure.

As a result of the extension, one (and if we are talking about volumetric techniques, then two, three and even more) artificial ones is attached to each native eyelash. If the work is done according to all the rules of technology and in compliance with safety standards, a synthetic hair can fall out only together with the natural one to which it is attached. Mistakes of the master can cost not only the perfect appearance, but also the health of the eyes, natural eyelashes. Therefore, high quality of service should remain your main priority. This is a guarantee of an impeccable extension result, comfort in everyday wear, the absence of even the most minimal risks for the eyes and the native lash line.

The quality of materials.

The longevity of eyelash extensions is contingent upon the quality of synthetic hairs used, which is why experienced lash makers take no shortcuts when it comes to sourcing consumables from only the best brand manufacturers, such as HIT Lashes. In addition, they use high-grade glues to ensure a secure connection between hairs and avoid irritation or intense shedding. All together, these measures guarantee a beautiful and durable outcome for their customers.

Options for synthetic eyelashes.

The longevity of eyelash extensions depends on their length, diameter, and weight. If extensions that are too thick and/or long are used, natural lashes may break due to the added weight. To prevent this, it is recommended to use weightless ultra-thin artificial eyelashes with small thickness for building. These can be attached to one or more natural lashes without causing harm. Additionally, these lashes are less demanding, perform well over long periods of wear, and provide a beautiful and natural result.

Individual characteristics.

The renewal of eyelashes is a natural process. Every day, 5 to 7 natural hairs are lost, and new ones appear in their place. This process is not affected by extensions. However, the lifespan of natural eyelashes can vary for different people, which affects the wear time of synthetic lashes. Also, the natural level of oiliness of the skin can affect how long eyelash extensions last. Girls with oily skin may need correction earlier, around 2-3 weeks after the main procedure. This is because contact with sebum can negatively affect the eyelash glue, reducing the period of wearing extensions.

Selected technique and volume.

Synthetic eyelashes can be worn for up to 8 weeks, but not all volume and effects can handle such a long period. Classic eyelash extensions can last a long time, but small volumes are more delicate and can be easily disrupted by one fallen eyelash. 2D and 3D volumes are stunning, but the load increases with the volume, so they should be worn for no longer than 1.5-2 months. Hyper volumes 4D-6D and more are extreme options that are not appropriate for long-term permanent wear. They create a strong load on the natural eyelash row, but they last the longest due to their high density. If a cilia falls off, the neighboring ones will cover the gap, keeping the line even and neat.

Eyelash care after extension.

Clients who don’t follow post-procedural care advice can reduce the period of wearing eyelash extensions. Moisture, cosmetics with oils, salt water, direct UV rays, and mechanical damage can all negatively affect the results and durability of the extensions. It’s important to take care of them properly to ensure they last as long as possible.

When to Correct?

After getting eyelash extensions, the results are impressive. No need to apply mascara daily and the extended lashes are comfortable. However, there is a downside – regular maintenance is necessary. Without timely correction, the ciliary row will become uneven and the look will appear sloppy. It is important to keep up with maintenance to maintain the amazing density and splendor of the lashes.

How long do eyelash extensions last and how soon will you have to visit a lash maker for correction?

Typically, a follow-up visit is required three weeks after the main session. This is because some of the natural and artificial hairs will fall out during this time, causing the overall line, length, and density of the eyelash row to become uneven. It is important to address this issue during the follow-up visit to ensure the best possible outcome.

Timely correction allows you to maintain a well-groomed, neat appearance of eyelashes.

Performing the procedure, the lash maker removes those synthetic hairs that protrude beyond the line of the future row, and attaches new synthetic ones to free native eyelashes. Also, the master may offer to perform extension again, removing all remaining extended cilia. This option is often more appropriate, as it allows you to fully update and restore the perfect result.

How long can you wear eyelash extensions without harming your natural ones?

Top lash makers advise taking a break in extensions no more often and no less than once every 6 months. During this period, the hairs need to be properly cared for in order to strengthen them and prepare them for the next procedure.

Top ways to extend the life of eyelash extensions

When the extension procedure is over, the question arises: how to care for the cilia so that they last as long as possible and look well-groomed at the same time? Here are some simple tips to extend the life of your hair extensions:

Follow the 24 hour rule. Full polymerization of the adhesive composition takes exactly one day. During this period, you need to protect the eyelashes from sudden changes in temperature, contact with water, steam, ultraviolet radiation.

Refuse care with oils for the eyelid area, the skin around the eyes. Under the influence of fatty acids, the eyelash glue dissolves, which leads to a reduction in the duration of the wear of the material. But these restrictions apply only to the area around the eyes – otherwise, you can use any of the usual means.

Minimize mechanical impacts. The extension will quickly lose its impeccable appearance if you constantly touch the cilia with your hands, pull them, rub your eyes. To prevent this, gently comb your eyelashes with a special brush, try not to sleep with your face in the pillow, do not rub your eyes with a towel after washing – just gently blot the remaining moisture.

Now you know everything about how long eyelash extensions last and on what factors the duration of their wearing depends.