How much does eyelash extensions cost?

How much does eyelash extensions cost?

The popular beauty eyelash extension procedure is not only a tribute to the modern fashion for an expressive look shining with natural beauty. First of all, this is the choice of active and self-confident women who highly value their own time and reputation.

Luxurious eyelashes at any time of the day and under any circumstances without the need to use decorative cosmetics every day – the advertisement of the procedure promises. But before you get inspired by the amazing results and rush to an appointment with the master, find out how much eyelash extensions cost, how the price of the service is formed.

Pricing Basics

The cost of the procedure depends on several factors:

Lashmaker professionalism

A qualified craftsman with many years of experience highly appreciates his time and skill honed over the years. Therefore, the price for its services sets an adequate level of professional skills.


Specialized studios and beauty salons guarantee clients a high level of service, complete safety of the procedure for the eyes and natural eyelashes, and impeccable results. According to the professional quality of service, the cost of services is formed.

Used equipment and materials

Ultra-thin synthetic eyelashes of premium brands, hypoallergenic glue, high-quality disposable “consumables” and tools cannot be cheap. This means that the low price of the service is almost always the equivalent of using low-quality materials.

Amortization of investments (advertising, training)

Specialists in the lash industry cannot stay away from the latest eyelash fashion trends. Therefore, they use every opportunity to improve their professional skills – attend refresher courses, practice with trainers. All this requires significant costs from the lash maker, as well as the promotion of their own services. Therefore, it is natural that the depreciation of expenses is included in the final cost of the procedure.

Execution technique

The lashmaker approaches the development of the future image in a complex way – it takes into account the wishes of the client, carefully analyzes the initial parameters of the natural lash line and features of the facial geometry.

The extension is performed in two ways – beam and eyelash. Eyelash technology or all kinds of volumetric techniques are more expensive than the beam method – they take more time, require a high level of professional skill.

So what is the real price? In fact, the cost of performing a procedure is the monetary equivalent of its value. That is, as much as the master will be able to present his work as highly professional, completely safe and requiring special skills, the more clients will be willing to pay for it.

Why can you always find cheaper?

Of course, it is not at all necessary to pay a high price for qualified and high-quality eyelash extensions. You can prefer a more economical option – the services of a homeworker. But why do such masters always build cheaper? As a rule, when a flash maker works from home, he does not need to pay rent and taxes (but from a legal point of view, this also means that he is not responsible for the quality and safety of his work to the client). Well, homeworkers also rarely care about depreciation, service costs and investments in advertising and training.

So it turns out that the procedure, which can last up to 2-3 hours, is estimated at an average of 10-20 dollars. Once again – 2-3 hours of painstaking, almost jeweler’s work, requiring an individual approach and high qualification, cost 10-20 dollars. For 30 minutes spent on simple hair styling, you will pay the same amount.

A cheap low-quality service generates high customer dissatisfaction. Only professionals who work openly in civilized salon conditions and with strict adherence to standards are able to instill respect for the work of the master and the willingness to pay for the procedure at its real price.

How to find the best value for money?

So, you have already figured it out and realized that a low price is not your option and you will not look for dubious savings (knowing that in 99% you will get low quality). Instead of this:

  • do not hesitate to ask the master questions about what techniques he uses, what materials he uses – often the level of professionalism can be determined by the answers (if the lash maker claims that he builds mink, kolinsky or sable wool, you should think about his qualifications);
  • view portfolios, read reviews and listen to personal recommendations;
  • pay attention to the workplace of the lashmaker;
  • do not be afraid to be interested in the quality of instrument sterilization – you have the right to be convinced of the safety of the procedure concerning your health.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying luxurious eyelashes and an expressive look because of negative reviews, because there is bad work (as well as unskilled specialists) in any field. But no less than the masters who do their job well, safely and beautifully.

Professionals perform extensions in such a way that the renewed eyelashes do not cause discomfort and look perfectly natural (no glues, lumps or roughness, each extended hair follows the given direction, holds firmly and fits snugly to the natural eyelash). The procedure takes from 2 to 3 hours (sometimes more, depending on the complexity of the work). You can wear luxurious eyelashes and enjoy their excellent appearance for up to a month, after which it is necessary to correct the growing eyelash row. Therefore, it is important to find out in advance how much a high-quality eyelash extension costs, and how much the subsequent correction will cost.

In order for the results of the procedure to satisfy you and delight others, trust your eyes and eyelashes only to experienced, qualified masters in Miami