Eyelash extensions in the Kylie effect (Kylie Jenner) – how they look, scheme

Very expressive, bright, even pretentious Kylie eyelashes are back in the list of extension trends. Lashmakers call this effect one of the best ways to emphasize the natural beauty of the look without compromising the natural appearance. What is its peculiarity and for whom is such an extension suitable? What are its advantages and are there any disadvantages? We will tell you in detail and show in the photo.

Scheme of increasing the effect of Kylie

Kylie Jenner is a socialite and media personality who launched her own line of cosmetics, again dictating trends in the beauty industry. This time we are talking about the special effect of synthetic eyelash extensions. The Instagram star has long, curvaceous, and seductively curled hair that looks completely natural.

It’s all about the torn eyelash line – it is more natural, lively and airy than a very thick, dense, perfectly even eyelash line. You can make it like this if you add separate unopened or minimally opened ray beams to the main build-up. But attach them not to each native eyelash, but at intervals. Moreover, you need to work with different lengths of hairs, and the rays should be 2-3 mm longer than the main extension – this is how the most natural result is achieved. This is clearly seen in the scheme of eyelashes with the Kylie effect.

The parameters of eyelashes for extension (their length, bend, volume) are chosen with a focus on the desired result, condition and growth characteristics of natural eyelashes. The color of synthetic hairs can be any – standard black and brown shades are available in the Kylie effect, as well as blue, green, yellow, etc.

Most often, Kylie eyelashes are extended in 2D-3D volume, combined with a fox and a natural effect – this way you can accentuate the look, open it up, add brightness without sacrificing naturalness – after the procedure there is no impression that a dense heavy fan of artificial hairs hangs over the eyes.

Who suits

So who should take a closer look at Kylie’s trendy lash effect? It suits most girls, and this is one of its main advantages. This is because this effect gives an expressive and at the same time natural result, and this is almost always a win-win combination.
It works best:

  • On almond-shaped eyes. Beautifully emphasizes their impeccable shape, adds depth to the look.
  • On round big eyes. Due to the soft accent on the outer corners, it makes the eyes more elongated, bringing their shape closer to the ideal almond-shaped.
  • On small and close-set eyes. Such an extension helps to correct the small distance between the inner corners of the eyes, open the eyes, make the eyes visually larger. You can evaluate the result on the photo of eyelashes with the Kylie effect.

The only ones who are not very suitable for such an extension are girls whose natural cilia are sparse, thin, with large gaps in the eyelash row. A slightly sloppy Kylie effect can accentuate imperfections, so it’s better to choose a different technique or first organize a course of intensive restoration and growth stimulation for native hairs.