Brown Lashes: The Perfect Alternative to Black for a Natural Look

Brown Lashes: The Perfect Alternative to Black for a Natural Look

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Brown eyelashes are an original alternative to the strict black classics. They are in the top fashion trends of the new season, and if earlier it was believed that this color is appropriate only for blondes and fair-haired girls, now lash makers are actively using it to work with different color types of appearance.

All because of the soft natural effect – never before has extension, even in voluminous and hyper-volume techniques, been so natural. How can you use this interesting trend to the maximum? Let’s talk in detail.


In all possible lengths, thicknesses, curves – chocolate-colored eyelashes are already in the palettes of most top brands. Their palette is impressive in variety:

  • light brown – relevant for working in large volumes, since in classic and 2D these tones are likely to go into reddish and will not look saturated;
  • honey brown – with them, a full extension in double and even triple volume runs the risk of looking dull, so they are best used to soften accents, mix with black or dark brown;
  • mocha – a deep color without a hint of a reddish or green undertone, it allows you to make the look more expressive without bright contrasts;
  • milk chocolate (milk choco) – quite dense and without a red undertone, it looks good in double and triple volume, suitable for softening accents in the inner or outer corner of the eye, works great as a base for rays;
  • bitter chocolate (dark chocolate) – deep, dark, saturated – it is good in classic, 2D and 3D, and in hyper volumes it goes into a luxurious soft velvety black color.

And these are just the main positions. There are also caramel, chocolate with a greenish, graphite or black undertone, even ombre options with a smooth transition from a dark base to a light tip.

Such a variety allows lash makers to choose one or another winning color scheme in a personalized way, focusing on the desired effect, the characteristics of the natural lash line, the color type of the client’s appearance.

Who it suits

Chocolate gamma looks very natural, emphasizes the natural beauty and attractiveness of the eye. But (and this is its only drawback) it is not always appropriate. For example, if the hair and native cilia are raven, such a decision risks looking dull.

Therefore, it is recommended:

Age clients.

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In this case, mocha and dark chocolate colors work well. They will help to gently emphasize and refresh the look, make it more expressive.

Blondes and redheads.

Usually, in girls with naturally light curls, the natural lash line is also light. In order not to create an unnatural contrast, it is better to use light brown eyelashes – they will not look catchy, draw all the attention to themselves.

Girls who do extension for the first time.

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A beautiful natural result that is easy to combine with nude makeup is what you need if you support the natural make-up trend.

Red-haired and brown-haired.

With dark curls with chestnut, caramel or walnut undertones, the shade of dark chocolate harmonizes well. It, as well as honey brown and milk choco, is used for red-haired girls. Such combinations are especially effective if the eyes are brown or green. Moreover, synthetic hairs in this case should be a couple of tones darker than the hair – this will help to emphasize the beauty of the look, gently accentuate its natural attractiveness.

In addition to the general rules for color matching, it is also important to consider the temperature of the tone. So, if the overall color type of appearance is warm, it is better to work with a warm palette. And for the cold type, dark chocolate with a cold undertone, cold coffee, mocha is more suitable.

Makeup secrets

The brown scale is considered almost universal – it is appropriate for different color types of appearance, suitable for softening pronounced accents, used in classical and volumetric techniques, in various visual effects. Any of its representatives can work solo or in tandem with other tones within the same color range. In addition, it can be the base for bright inclusions, multicolor experiments to create creative images

And in order for the shade to work as much as possible, it can be supported with the right tones in makeup:

  • golden, bronze (it can be a highlighter, bronzer, shadows);
  • malachite, matte green (shadows or eyeliner);
  • pastel beige, peach (shadows, blush, lipstick, lip gloss).

In such combinations, brown eyelash extensions are most advantageous. Especially when it comes to combining with the trendy effect of soapy eyebrows, monochrome make-up techniques, make-up in the style of no makeup look.