How to Select the Optimal Pref-Made Lash Fan

How to Select the Optimal Pref-Made Lash Fan?

Lash extensions make your eyes look sizable and vivid with no real effort at all! The lash application process is easy and speedy. You can usually expect to be done in a matter of a few hours with the results you wanted. Our classic set eyelash extension technique uses a 1:1 ratio, meaning one extension per healthy natural lash is connected using the lash adhesive. With volume lashes, 2-6 extensions are placed on every single healthy natural lash. This task needs patience and skill seeing as an experienced eyelash extensions artist must choose out of different lashes depending on weight, size, and length to construct the perfect fan giving an extra boost to your natural lashes.

By taking advantage of premade lash fans, the application of lashes is much simpler. And the main advantage that they helps to save time without diminishing quality for both yourself and your lash artists. And that’s exactly what they’re for! Read on and gain more insight concerning premade lash fans!

What is a Premade Lash Fan?

Eyelash extensions come in two primary classes: handmade or pre-made. The lash artist must construct the handmade fans, but for pre-made fans, a supplier manufactures them on a machine before sending them to the eyelash technicians.

On the lash tray, a series of exceptionally thin PBT strands are arranged and secured at their base either by a drop of glue or heat. For the desired curl, they are rolled and then maintained with heat-treatment. Then, the lash producers move the necessary quantity of thread to the strip manually to fan out the lashes.

At last, they are glued to a strip of adhesive and shipped elegantly on a tray alongside other ready-made lashes. When received, the lash technician can dip it in adhesive and place it on separate eyelashes, similar to semi-permanent or classic lash application. While composed of 2 to 16 individual lashes that create the wanted look, premade lash fans don’t burden or hurt the natural lash.

What to Consider When Selecting a Pre-made Lash Fan?

Selecting the appropriate premade lash fan for your client is essential to attain their ideal final look. Achieving perfection necessitates picking the proper curl of eyelashes and an ideal attachment method.

Premade volume fans typically range from 2D to 16D, allowing for a more striking appearance in some cases. This numerical value is representative of the number of lashes used in the fan and the D denotes its dimension. It’s been designed this way so that lash artists have a selection of premade volumes fans to choose from, fitting their client requests exactly.

What to Consider When Selecting a Pre-made Lash Fan?

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Each Type

Natural Volume Lashes

Perfect for clients who desire a natural and subtle no-makeup look, 2D or 3D short stem premade lashes are an ideal choice. With fewer lash extensions, the volume style premade lash fans are the optimal selection.

Volume look

If you yearn to make your look more dramatic and eye-catching, you can make a natural eyeliner effect using 4D and 5D eyelash extensions with long stems. These lavish volume lashes are grandiose and can produce an extraordinary appearance in only two hours or less.

Dramatic Look

If you’re looking to give yourself a luxurious style, 10D-16D lash extensions are the right choice. These lush lashes will help you go big with your look if that’s what you desire.

Glue-Bonded vs Heat-Bonded Fans

After you have filtered down the type of premade volume lashes you will be working with, the subsequent step is to select the required bonding technique.

Glue-Bonded Fans

The pre-fanned, glue-bonded volume lashes employ adhesive to attach the single eyelashes together. While it could cause a minuscule amount of additional weight to a fan, this will in no way damage your customer’s real lashes. Additionally, compared to heat-bonding, glue-bonded fans are more robust and less probable to disintegrate.

The actual issue is that it does not provide good adhesion, as double application of adhesive is required. Furthermore, using glue bonded fans can become very disorganized since the binding agent potentially joining both fan and base of natural lash could form accumulations.

Heat-Bonded Fans

The heat-bonded volume lashes are fastened together at the bottom with heat, thus eliminating any concerns about glue clumping which may irritate your customer’s eyes. Despite being easy to shape and maneuver, these lighter heat-bonded fans come with a downside: no adhesive is used to hold them together, making them more prone to falling apart. Furthermore, the double exposure to heat might cause their curl to be slightly irregular.

What is the best curl to use?

Your selection of what curl to use is based on the angle of your client’s native lashes. Similarly to sizes, you have a wide selection of curl types available. We’ve chosen some of the more favored styles:


Among our beautiful women, this curl is less well-known, with many picking eyelash extensions that boast more lift for their lashes. It is the most natural and least curved selection, perfect for those whose lashes are naturally straight and point downwards.


If a subtle increase in lift is desired while still maintaining a traditional appearance, this curl option is ideal. Also, suitable for those who have eyelashes growing up.


For diehard followers of premade lashes, the C-curl is the look they love as it is the most natural curl. If you’re searching for an alluring effect that isn’t too vivacious, this curl is what you need as it emphasizes your lashline while keeping a natural appearance.


Following next in the order of popularity is the D-curl which adds more life than that given by the C-curl. For those seeking to add effects and impact to their eyes, this curl shall be a perfect fit. As this is the most twisted curl.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using premade lash fans?

Pros of Using Premade Volume Fans

Clients and eyelash extension artists alike are able to save a lot of time with premade fans. If volume extensions are applied manually, it can be incredibly lengthy for the lash artist. At the same time, customers have the chance to get a fuller look without compromising on the results in a quicker timeframe.

Premade fans are far more efficient and consistent than handmade ones. By choosing premade fans, one can apply volume lashes in the same length of time that it would take for a classic eyelash extension set. This could be incredibly helpful for businesses wishing to boost their profits by providing services to multiple customers.

Professionals trained in lash extension application techniques need only to understand the basics of the process since applying premade fans is an easy task. They should not direct their efforts towards creating perfect volume fans but rather focus on mastering the art of successfully utilizing premade fans. Additionally, these premade fans offer low maintenance due to their capacity to maintain their shape for long periods. And this is always more expensive.

Drawbacks of Buying Ready-made Volume Hair Extensions

Handmade volume fans are more flexible than premade lash fans. Moreover, the procedure is more costly when utilizing premade fans as they are costlier than handmade volume fans. In addition, retention span could be shorter as compared to handmade volume fans. Since the base of premade fans is pre-bonded, it makes it difficult to coil around the natural lash.


The availability of premade lash fans can be a great help when you need to provide pre-made volume fans for your client, but selecting the correct one must be your main concern. You can get lots of beauty items in the market, including individual lashes, yet some things must be taken into account prior to beginning the service.