Mascara and Eyelash Extensions

What Is the Risk Involved In Applying Mascara to Eyelash Extensions?

Now that eyelash extension usage has grown to be popular in the beauty world, a lot of women can be seen sporting their long, full lashes. Unlike conventional false lashes which require removal at night, ladies may now experience captivating, fluttery lashes throughout the day without worrying that their natural lashes will be harmed.

Eyelash extensions can provide extra pizzazz to one’s stunning eyes, but not everyone is enthusiastic about forgoing mascara and other eye products. Many of our wonderful women feel that mascara adds a vital element to their makeup and apparel, so going out without it leaves them feeling unsatisfied.

Prior to reverting to your previous cadence, it is crucial to differentiate if lash extensions and mascara are compatible. So what are you waiting for? Let’s delve deeper into the world of lash extensions!

Learn How to Safely Wear Mascara with Lash Extensions

Benefits of Combining Mascara With Lash Extensions

Mascara is a widely used eye-makeup product that augments your native eyelashes. Even though eyelash extensions present an impeccable look, standard care must be provided prior to going to a professional eyelash extensions salon for a refill.

A few short-term advantages of adding mascara to lash extensions have been outlined below:

  • Mascara can give your lash extensions added thickness, giving you a bold and vibrant look.
  • Contrasting colored mascaras are able to change the color of your extensions. If your lashes seem too thin or have lost many due to fallout, mascara can make them appear thicker.
  • Wearing one or two coats of mascara is the ideal option for extending your appointment.
  • Some mascaras are packed full with beneficial facts like peptides, Vitamin E, stem cell complexes, biotin, and keratin – all wonderful ingredients for nourishing and growing your natural lashes!

Disadvantages of Combining Mascara and Lash Extensions

It is not possible to combine mascara, volume lashes, and hybrid extensions as it can be hazardous for your lash extensions. Volume lash extensions work by attaching multiple strands of faux mink lashes to each single natural lash in order to achieve a notable look.

If you apply mascara to lashes that have been extended with volume or hybrid extensions, it can induce a few problems.

  • Applying mascara to a volume fan can put extra pressure on your freshly grown eyelashes, causing them to shed too soon. This is because you’re adding mascara to several lashes simultaneously as opposed to just one, which adds additional weight.
  • When it comes to volume eyelash extensions, the most amazing part is that they create lots of volume. When mascara is applied on a fan of the lashes, the individual pieces start to stick together and clump in the mascara, leaving behind fewer separate lashes than before. In other words, using mascara on these particular extensions defeats its very purpose.

For those with a good amount of natural eyelashes, classic extensions are the ticket to making them appear thicker and darker. The end result is comparable to applying mascara from a high-end brand. Every individual extension will be attached to one single natural lash for a pleasing effect.

Individuals applying classic set eyelash extensions are fortunate as they can keep utilizing the product. However, you must be aware of the associated dangers with this action.

  • Oil is one of the main elements found in mascara, such as eucalyptus oil, sesame oil, lanolin, carnauba wax, paraffin, mineral oil, turpentine oil, and linseed oil. When you apply this kind of mascara to your eyelashes, these oils are left on the lashes and can create a bond with the adhesive that holds lash extensions in place. As long as this bonding takes place over a long period of time it can actually weaken the connection between your natural lashes and the artificial extensions – causing them to fall out before they should!
  • Wearing mascara can put strain on your natural eyelash extensions, potentially making them break, hang down, or become misshapen. To avoid this issue you should opt of lightweight mink lash extensions which won’t be affected by the extra weight. Generally mascaras tend to add extra weight to your full set extensions.
  • Women want to seem lovely, but they would prefer to keep their beauty techniques a secret. Mascara shines a spotlight on eyelash enhancements, thus making the fake lash extensions appear less authentic.

Mascaras to avoid when wearing Lash Extensions.

Tube Mascara

Tube mascara, an item that employs polymers to encase singular eyelashes in tubes, is unsafe for beautiful lash extensions seeing as it clings like tar when used on them. To keep lashes full, long, and fabulous, tube mascara should be avoided.

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara may be tough to tears, water, and sweat, but it can cause issues when you decide to get lash extensions. These types of mascaras repel moisture and can lead to dry and fragile lashes. Removing it requires intense rubbing, pulling, or tugging which can eventually lead to your lash extensions falling out before their time is up. If you want your lash extensions to last, steer clear of mascaras with silicone or Teflon as prime ingredients – these will essentially break down the glue used for the extensions and lower their ability to remain in place.

Fiber Mascara

Fiber mascara, while a great choice for natural lashes, should not be used on extensions. Containing dry fibers such as nylon, silk, or rayon, this kind of mascara can thicken and darken the look of your lashes. These fibers are incredibly hard to remove and can cause damage to both your natural lashes and extensions by adding strain leading to early shedding; for these reasons, wearing it with lash extensions is not recommended.

Mascaras That Are Suitable for Wearing with Lash Extensions

If a premium organic or plant-based mascara has captivated you, you have to make certain that it is secure for your eyelash extensions. When it comes to lash extensions water-based mascara is the sole option since it does not contain items such as waxes, oils, and additives that most mascaras in the market do. By preventing the bonding agent in lash glue from dissolving, water-based mascara is the go-to selection for false lashes.