How to Shower Safely with Eyelash Extensions?

How to Shower Safely with Eyelash Extensions?

In recent years, eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty trend. Enhancing the volume of natural lashes, this procedure is not only long-lasting but also helps to cut down time spent in your morning routine. To make sure you get the most out of your lash extensions, it is essential that you stick to an aftercare plan.

One of the queries asked of us most often entails how to bathe with eyelash extensions. In light of this, our HIT Lashes lash specialists in Miami have created this blog to educate you on everything that you need to know.

How to Properly Care for Your New “HIT Lashes” Lash Extension Set?

It is fundamental to wait 8 hours for the lashes to dry wholly before you wet them. In this period, the adhesive bonds the fake lash fibers gracefully to your natural lash so they can stay in place. After 24 hours have gone by, it is absolutely safe to introduce your lashes to water.

So that you can shower without harming your lash extensions, our eyelash professionals have compiled some beneficial advice.

5 Essential Tips for Safely Washing and Maintenance of Eyelash Extensions

5 Essential Tips for Safely Washing and Maintenance of Eyelash Extensions

1. Avoid taking hot steamy showers

Get ready to switch up your bathing habits if you’re used to taking hot showers. The exorbitant heat from the steamy showers can cause damage to the adhesive that bonds the extension pieces in place. This applies not just for hot showers, but saunas and steam rooms as well.

 2. Handle with Care

Your lashes are delicate and should be treated with care. During your shower, pushing or pulling hard while cleansing your face with a scrub can loosen the bond due to friction. Some people also have a tendency to rub their eyes aggressively while in the shower; as a result, irreparable damage to your delicate eyelashes is inevitable.

3. The Danger of Vigorous Shower Jets

After a draining day, you enjoy the sensation of fast-moving water from the showerhead crashing against your face. Nonetheless, if your lash extensions are on, stay away from intense shower jets. The power of the streaming water could harm the lash adhesion.

4. Handle Your Lashes With Care

When wiping off your eyes, avoid putting pressure on the lash extensions, which could end up in them being tugged. A better solution is to dab the area above and beneath your eyes instead. You must also remember to use a lash wand to brush your lashes up carefully; this is similar to when you blow-dry and style your hair. This will help keep your lashes fluffy as well pursue their upkeep.

5. Review Your Cosmetic Products

HIT Lashes encourages not using any face wash, soaps, or shampoos with oil or alcohol since these products do not interact well with eyelash extensions and can lead to the detachment of lashes as a consequence of the adhesive bond being broken.

Advantages to using oil-free products are that they don’t tend to clog pores. To make sure the products you’re using are good for your natural lashes, you should speak with your lash specialist.

You should never rub your eyes, but lash extension shampoos that can be easily found in stores are an excellent choice for cleaning. These products will help keep the adhesive intact and further prolong the life of your semi-permanent eyelashes.

Utilizing a moisturizer on the facial area can dissolve the adhesive due to having oil inside them. This does not mean you can’t apply these ointments, but you need to pay close attention so as not to get it on the vicinity of your lashes.

Despite having lash extensions, some still cannot part with their cherished eye makeup. For your adhesive to stay in place, ensure the eye makeup remover is oil-free. To remove eye makeup without compromising the extensions, a Q-tip should be used instead of cotton balls or pads; cotton fibers can interfere with the bonds. In conclusion, minimize contact with lash extensions as much as possible.

When utilizing waterproof mascara or liner, it has no influence on the adhesive’s strength; however, it can be difficult to take off without an oil-based remover. To remove the mascara or liner you can place a non-oily foaming cleanser straight to your lashes with a fluff makeup brush. It’s not necessary to rinse the cleaner away with water; instead, use a damp cloth or makeup remover wipes to wipe it away. As a warning, please be cautious prior to using any products near your eyes.

How To Dry Your Eyelash Extensions After Showering For Maximum Wearability?

After taking a gentle shower, it is essential to dry your eyelashes and the skin surrounding them thoroughly. Although your desired eyelash extensions are water-resistant, the natural lashes may be more fragile after showering

In addition, if you do not dehydrate your eyelashes effectively, water may enter the hair follicle, leading to swelling. Because of this, there is an increased chance of damage. Since natural lash loss is greater following a shower, it will cause your extensions to be lost as well; thus necessitating a careful drying process of the area.

How to Safely Dry Lash Extensions After a Shower?

Carefully dry your face with a suave, absorbent cloth (generally a microfiber cloth) that can take up the water from around your eyes and under-eye area. Despite how pricey they may be, plush towels tend to be harsh, accidentally tugging on the eyelashes. If you don’t have the right type of towel available, let your lashes air dry instead. Continue lightly patting the towel from below the lash line to get rid of any additional moisture in your lashes. Warning: Only tap! Do not rub! Lastly, use a clean spoolie brush to delicately brush and separate out your eyelashes.

Certain eyelash extension salons may propose using both a hair dryer and/or a handheld fan in order to rid any extra moisture from your lashes. Nevertheless, one should be wary that too much heat from the blow dryers can potentially dissolve your lashes, as hot temperatures are detrimental to eyelash extensions. Therefore, it is advised to stay away from extreme temperatures when dealing with lash extensions for their longevity and health.

Remember the additional steps necessary to maintain your eyelash extensions.

  • When you are towel drying your hair, make sure not to place it too close to your face so you can prevent your eyelashes from getting caught.
  • After a shower, protect your lash extensions from unnecessary pressure by refraining from rubbing your face. Instead, delicately dab your face using a soft cloth to avoid having them fall out before its time. Additionally, try to refrain from rubbing your eyes in a vigorous manner to prevent any pull or tug on your lash extensions.
  • You should not only rely on a spoolie brush or lash wand during post-shower activities. Ensure that your lashes stay in optimal condition for longer by using the brush several times throughout the day. Do not attempt to brush wet eyelash extensions as this could potentially cause their weakening. Make sure that your lashes are completely dry before attempting to use the spoolie brush.
  • Through experience you are aware that oils and lash extensions do not go hand-in-hand, for oils will weaken the bond. With this in mind, in order to accomplish your post-shower skincare regimen, you should abstain from using any oil-based face creams or serums around the eyes.
  • You may want to indulge in a luxurious bath using salts and additives, but with extensions, you will have to steer clear of these additives to avoid weakening the lash bond. To diminish the possibility of water splashing onto your face and affecting your lashes, Lash Extensions “HIT Lashes” recommends using scented candles to provide a relaxing atmosphere instead.
  • When you have lash extensions, caution should be exercised when swimming. If your head is submerged under the water while diving or swimming in the sea, make certain to cleanse your lashes completely once finished, to remove any and all salts that might have been left on them.
  • Lash loss can be caused by friction, whether your eyelashes are wet or dry. Generally, though, greater lash loss could be expected in the presence of moisture. When taking off cosmetics, eyelash extension professionals close-by propose using an ultra-soft cloth in lieu of cotton pads so as to avoid friction.
  • If you sleep with your wet lashes, there is a higher chance that they might be lost from the friction against your pillow. To take preventative measures, make sure to dry your lashes off before going to bed and this will avoid any friction. For people who have eyelash extensions, try sleeping on your back when possible and use a silk pillow cover as compared to cotton- this can help reduce the likelihood of finding some misplaced lashes on your pillow.


Once the lash extensions have finished setting, showering without fear of them coming loose is acceptable. Make sure to dry them carefully to avert any bacteria or fungus formation and promote prolonged wear. If you stick to these principles, you will be as well-eyelashed as any A-list star.

HIT Lashes is committed to providing a customized lash extension experience to its clients. We know what your beauty means to you. Each client is given detailed information regarding lash care during their first appointment. Contact us today to get the eyelash extensions you’ve been dreaming of.

At HIT Lashes, we are devoted to offering an individualized lash extension experience to each of our customers. We recognize how valuable your beauty is to you. When you first arrive for an appointment, we make sure to provide you with a detailed overview of lash care. Reach out today to acquire the eyelash extensions that you have been yearning for.