Is it possible to wash your face with eyelash extensions?

Is it possible to wash your face with eyelash extensions?

Have you recently procured stunning new eyelash extensions? You likely have loads of questions about them. A great way to magnify your native elegance without needing to apply any cosmetics, these extensions are not too costly to look after and can persist up to 6 weeks if you adhere strictly to the guidance on their upkeep from our seasoned eyelash extensions professionals.

Bearing in mind the cost and effort that goes into this beauty trend, you would not want to jeopardize your marvelous new lashes before your next refill appointment. To maximize the lifecycle of your eyelash extensions, one of the most effective ways is to know how to cleanse your face correctly.

Numerous rumors encompass this fashion. Certainly, some do’s and don’ts should be followed, but if you stick to a suitable purifying routine, it not only gives you a feeling of cleanliness and youthfulness but also keeps your eyelash extensions appearing new.

Is It Possible To Get Your Eyelash Extensions Wet?

It is straightforward to lengthen the life of your eyelash extensions: retain the lash adhesive for as long as possible.

Moisture and oil have the potential to significantly diminish a lash bond, leading to premature lash extension loss. To protect freshly applied extensions, most experts recommend avoiding water for 24 to 48 hours. Once a lash adhesive has completely cured, however, wetting it is not an issue.

The lash bond is non-water soluble, permitting you to return to your daily routine once the falsies are properly affixed. However, some level of water intake is still important for keeping the natural lash hydrated, thus allowing it to remain healthy and robust. A well kept lash line increases the chances of a successful lash extension application!

Should you wash your face and lash extensions regularly?

To maintain a cleaned and glowing appearance of your skin, washing your face is essential to rid the dirt, makeup, and extra oil produced by the skin. This can be especially difficult for those who experience oily skin, those who tend to sweat a lot, or have an active lifestyle.

If sebum and debris build-up is not regularly cleared away, it can block your pores, diminishing the impact of the lash adhesive; this will cause classic or volume eyelash extensions to come loose too soon.

To prevent irritation and risk of infection, it is important to remove dirt and germs from your eyelashes. This can be done easily by washing your face correctly each day. Neglecting this will increase the chance of catching an eye infection.

When washing your face and caring for eyelash extensions, which products are the best to use?

Clients of a professional eyelash extension salon are encouraged to clean their extensions utilizing a cleanser with no oil or alcohol. This is because both of these elements have the potential to break down the lash glue binding the extensions and natural lashes. Use a mild, oil and alcohol-free cleanser or facial wash when you have eyelash extension.

When it comes to eyelash extensions, it is best to use foaming cleansers and face soaps for sensitive skin as they are less likely to cause irritation than cream cleansers or gels. Additionally, oil-free baby shampoo can be used. Water-based products tend to have the least damaging effect on your lovely lashes.

Before taking something from a nearby store, make sure to get a recommendation from your lash stylist on lash-safe products. Furthermore, many stylists also encourage diluting these items with water to make them have a milder effect on the lashes.

Customers frequently turn to micellar water and are able to retain their extensions marvelously.

How to care for your skin and lash extensions?

How to care for your skin and lash extensions?

To keep your face clean with eyelash extensions, these easy tips should be followed:

No exposure to water for 24 to 48 hours after initial application

Already stated before, this is the most basic step that should be taken after acquiring new volume or classic eyelash extensions. It is absolutely essential to permit enough time for the glue to properly dry so that the lashes can stick securely to your skin.

Avoid running water

It isn’t a must to completely refrain from cleaning your face, but you will have to restrain from washing your face as usual. If you decide to wet your face in the sink or even let running water come into contact with your eyelash extensions while showering, all those hard-earned dollars that paid for the extensions may be gone down the drain.

To ensure proper hygiene, you should wash your face systematically and routinely. An effective way to do this is to use a detachable showerhead so you won’t end up getting water on your face while in the shower. You can also consider wearing goggles while taking a shower to protect your lashes from the moisture. When washing your face with water from the sink, make sure to use a clean facial cloth or facial sponge.

Remove your makeup

If you’re someone who prefers to wear an abundance of eye makeup even in the presence of eyelash extensions, it is recommended that you use a round facial sponge in order to clear away your eye makeup and cleanse your skin. Additionally, an oil-free makeup remover or cloth should be used rather than any products containing oil because the solvent will potentially dissolve the lash glue prematurely. When using the cloth, take special caution near your eyes and eyelash lines while carefully wiping away all your makeup from your face.

Wash your face in sections

After all traces of makeup have been wiped away, it’s time to clean your face using a safe product for your eyelashes. Separate your face into two sections: the portion that runs down from the cheekbones, and the area running up from the browline. Be sure not to splash too much water as you gently lather and rinse the bottom portion beneath your cheekbones. For a more controlled approach, use a washcloth instead.

To properly cleanse the space over the browline, initially lightly lather up the cleanser with your hands to create foam. Ensure that you do not allow any water to run down onto your lashes. Afterwards, submerge a circular facial sponge in water and gently squeeze out the extra fluid. Take away the foam by wiping with the facial sponge and follow this same process of being careful not to let excess water fall on your eyelashes. Continue this process until all of the cleansers are cleared from the face.

Pat dry

To properly dry your face when you have eyelash extensions, you must be delicate. When using a towel, use a light touch. Alternatively, use a clean and dry face cloth and lightly pat your face, covering the area from your eyes to below them so as to not hit the lashes.

Moisturize your face

In order to prevent skin stretching near your eyelashes, it is best to use a moisturizing product that will not harm them. This serves the additional purpose of keeping your skin plump with hydration and intact in terms of combatting maturity. As a result, one’ll maintain their youthful appearance.

Use an eyelash sealer

Upon finishing the preceding measures, use an eyelash sealer to guard your eyelash extensions from any glands oils that your skin may emit and moisture in the atmosphere which could start accumulating eventually after you have completed your skincare routine.

Is It Safe to Brush Eyelash Extensions When Wet?

It is not recommended to brush wet lash extensions as the added water weight makes them more prone to being pulled out as you attempt to fix your lashes. Doing so can spoil your brand new set before you have had a chance to enjoy them.

It may be tempting to use a hairdryer on a low temperature setting to speed up the drying process of your eyelashes, however this will likely place stress on the glue and cause your lovely lashes to come off sooner than expected.

You must exercise restraint when drying your eyelashes, as no matter how careful you are, rubbing them is sure to cause discomfort and cause the glue to come undone. Be patient and do not rush – allow them to dry all by themselves.

Is it advisable to use makeup remover wipes with eyelash extensions?

Makeup wipes comprising of oils, emollients and glycols are formulated to hydrate the skin, but do not work well with eyelash adhesion. These elements often have an adverse effect of lessening the lash glue’s grip, ultimately damaging your lovely lashes.

Strive to abstain from using makeup wipes not particularly made for lash extensions. Even when you think that you’ve avoided the eyes, it’s very hard to stay away due to the substances in the wipes that will spread over your face.


If you have eye lash extensions, it is possible to wash your face but extreme caution must be taken to keep from damaging your new look. At HIT Lashes, our cozy eyelashes extension salon in Miami supplies trained professionals able to provide a variety of beauty treatments, such as eyelash extension services. Our experts are proficient and have an eagerness for helping clients achieve the look they long for and enter the world with more assurance. To book your lash appointment, reach out to us straight away!