How to Use Lash Serum With Eyelash Extensions

How to Use Lash Serum With Eyelash Extensions?

Are you desiring lashes to give your eyes a wider, brighter look? Lash extensions can be an ideal choice for you! Serums are also a brilliant way of attaining lush lashes. Much like lash extensions, they both contribute to making your lashes look longer and thicker overall.

For extensions to be properly employed, one’s natural lashes must possess strength and vibrancy. A lash serum can help give sturdy reinforcement for your classic or voluminous lashes.

To assist you in locating a serum suitable for your lashes, we have built an extensive trainer to inform you on the proper use of the serum with both your natural lashes and extensions.

What are the Benefits of Using a Lash Serum?

If not cared for, our lashes can be prone to thinning and weakling. Regular use of natural oils and treatments is necessary to retain the strength and health of your lashes. However, oil-based products should be avoided when paired with lash extensions as they may weaken or break the bond of adhesive.

Lash serums are formulated with the inclusion of peptides and vitamins to promote lash growth while fortifying your natural hairs. Biotin, a crucial element in many lash serums, reinforces keratin, the protein responsible for healthy lashes. Consistent use of serum extends the eyelash growth cycle by extending the telogen stage, thereby enlarging the duration between refill appointments.

If you want to enjoy long-lasting results, lash serum must be applied regularly. If you quit using the serum, your lashes could go back to their initial form. Have patience and keep up with usage in order to experience beautiful lashes! You may need to wait anywhere from three to six weeks before getting the look you desire.

To keep their luster and stay healthy, eyelashes need moisture, similar to how skin does. Lash serums provide this needed hydration and fortify lashes, thus reducing fragility. With strong and healthy brows as your base, you can then select from numerous extension possibilities!

How to Best Utilize Lash Serum with Eyelash Extensions

Do not use serum for eyelash extensions

The active ingredient in lash glue is cyanoacrylate, and the water from the serum will block the drying process. You can use the lash serum as a preventive care treatment for your natural lashes.

Use Oil-Free Serums

Lash serums generally use a combination of almond oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. However, when you wear eyelash extensions, the oils act as solvents that weaken the glue bond to your real lashes.

Before buying the serum, be certain to inspect the ingredients in order to avoid early shedding. Oily lash serums can cause major harm to your eyelash extensions.

Incorporate serums with vitamins into your routine

Your eyelashes do their best to bear the burden of your lash extensions. It is essential, then, to keep the lashline moistened in order to prevent premature sloughing. When selecting your lash serum, opt for those that contain Panthenol (vitamin B-5), Biotin (vitamin B-7), and Vitamin E. These ingredients help keep lashes nourished, hydrated and robust.

Use an eyeliner brush to apply the lash serum in a liquid form

Our recommendation is to not use a mascara brush when applying serum as it will cause you to cover your full lash, an issue for those with voluminous lash extensions. Furthermore, this can result in the extensions sticking together and potentially harm your lashes.

Additional tips:

  • Go easy on the lash serum; only one dip of the applicator should be used for both eyes. Using too much serum could potentially harm your lash extensions and lessen the adhesiveness of the glue, which would lead to shedding sooner than expected.
  • Prior to applying the lash serum to the lashes, conduct an allergy test on your neck, elbow, or hands to steer clear of any unfavorable responses.
  • It is suggested to use the lash serum in the morning as a way of avoiding it getting in the eyes. If using it at night, ensure to do so before turning in to stop any infection or discomfort.
  • Utilizing lukewarm water for washing your face will help to rid of dirt, eye make-up and oil from the face. After doing this, the skin is better able to take in the serum.
  • Wait for the lash serum to dry before you put on any cosmetics!


To have beautiful lashes from HIT Lashes produces delightful results. This serum boosts natural lash development and adds extra thickness. Nonetheless, without a suitable lash maintenance regime, it is hard to keep premature hair loss from happening. By adhering to our useful guide, you can make your eyelashes stronger, which amplifies the space between visits!

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