How to apply Concealer with Eyelash Extensions on

How to apply Concealer with Eyelash Extensions on

Lash extensions offer an excellent way to improve the thickness of your original lashes. The main advantage is that you can feel beautiful without struggling with daily lash application.

Many mistakenly think that using under-eye concealer can result in damage to their lash extensions.

You’re fortunate because we have an abundance of advice and techniques to guarantee that your lash extensions continue looking wonderful and full the same as when you first got them!

A section of females recognize the need to apply concealer in their everyday beauty regimen.

This concealer helps to bring focus to your under-eye area, making it easier to camouflage any dark circles, acne scars, and skin discoloration that you wish to conceal.

People often inquire of us if it is acceptable to put on concealer subsequent to having eyelash extensions. It is common for recipients of this cosmetic procedure to be concerned about this.

Indeed, using concealer is an option, however what’s more important is to evaluate the kind of concealer being used, how it is applied, and all related steps in removing it.

What are the Best Concealers to Use?

Creamy Concealers

Concealers that are creamy in texture offer much more coverage than alternative liquid concealers when it comes to the under-eye area. These types of concealers make it possible to cover up any unwanted pigmentation or discoloration you might have under your eyes.

Oil-Free Concealers

Concealers that are free of oil are non-oily and blend in with the skin perfectly. This facilitates the process of application and smoothly blending in. Such oil-free concealers are long-lasting on the skin and don’t crease, allowing you to flaunt an effortless look that will stay put all day!

Powder Concealers

Concealer in the form of powder can pair with either classic or volume eyelash extensions. It can be utilized as a cover-up for the under eye area, or alternatively as a primer for eyeshadow.

Concealer in powder form is effortless to put on. It is extremely light and blends seamlessly with your complexion!

Stick Concealers

Applying liquid concealers around the eyes may take a bit more time than usual as they can come into contact with your lash extensions, causing the glue to disintegrate.

Stick concealers are generally denser than liquid ones, and have amazing coverage abilities that can help to achieve a more beautiful matte finish.

Applying this concealer is a simple process. Simply reserve about the size of a dime and spread the product smoothly beneath your eyes. Despite containing no oil, you should be careful not to apply it as a base on your lids, lest it unintentionally touch your lashes.

Concealers Not to Wear

When you have lash extensions, it is important to be mindful of the components of the makeup products you are using around your eyes. Incorrect make-up products could result in reduced longevity and appearance of the eyelash extensions.

Water-proof Concealers

Waterproof cover-up will not have a negative effect on your lash extensions. To take it off, however, an oil based make-up remover would need to be used.

After wearing concealer for a lengthy period of time, it is important to use an oil-based makeup remover to take away the product. This will help break down the glue used for your lash extensions and can cause them to come out quicker.

Oil-based concealers

Concerning extensions, one of the main things is to stay away from oil-based cover-ups. Experts encourage bypassing makeup items that contain any form of oil.

The oil functions as a dissolvent to dissolve the adhesive used during lash extension application. Oil-based concealers inflict destruction on your eyelash extensions, harming the lash bonding and leading to early shedding.

Concealer Application

To make sure your concealer is put on right, you must invest in the correct prerogatives. Utilizing quality brushes and beauty blenders is essential to achieve precise, smooth application while avoiding needless pulling or rubbing of your lashes. Make sure you add a magnifying mirror to your list of necessities, too!

Tilting your head back, be sure to use a small angle brush while carefully and sparingly applying concealer as a base for your eyeshadow. To avoid any mess, stay clear of getting closer than necessary to your lash extensions with the brush.

With a cosmetic sponge or flat brush, apply concealer to your under-eye area. Gently blend the concealer into your skin to ensure it looks natural. Wait a few minutes for the concealer to dry and avoid getting any on your extensions.

Concealer removal with eyelash extensions

We previously mentioned that oil-based makeup removers should not be used on eye lash extensions, as they can separate the adhesive.

The ideal makeup remover choice should be oil-free, not leaving behind any remnants and be lash-friendly. If you’re trying to take off your concealer, it’s best to favor pre-soaked and oil-free make-up removers.

In the event your concealer touches your extensions while applying it, take these steps:

  • Soak a lash comb in your oil-free make-up remover
  • Using a paper towel, remove the excess liquid
  • Let the make-up remover cover the eyelash extensions completely to dissolve the concealer
  • Using an oil-free cleanser wash your face thoroughly
  • When finished, gently comb out the residue
  • Dry your extensions and gently brush them using a spoolie 

Tips to correctly take off your concealer

Using make-up wipes

It is not advised to use make-up wipes as they contain oils that can negatively affect extensions. Taking off concealer, especially around your eyes, directly with wipes could cause the extensions to come off prematurely. When trying to remove concealer near the lash line, be sure to stay far away from it due to the difficulty of the removal process.

Pulling or rubbing on your lash extensions

To prevent harm to your eyelash extensions, it is wise not to use paper towel or fabric to erase any concealer that may have come into contact with them. Pulling at your lashes should also be avoided for longevity.

Rubbing your eyes is not advised when taking off mascara from your extensions as this can harm them. Rather than doing so, employ a lash brush and oil-free make-up removal to cleanse them instead.


It is essential to make sure you get the most out of your eyelash extensions by avoiding runny liquid and oil-based concealers. Instead, use concealers that will only adhere to the skin around your eyes, not your extensions!

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