Pre-Counseling Strategies for Lash Clients

Pre-Counseling Strategies for Lash Clients

Pre-consultations for new clients is considered as a good first-time service of lash artist and will help to keep the client for long term. Since this is the first time most customers visit such services, they often come with certain expectations and requirements. It would be ideal for an artist to supply them with informative details about volume as well as classic lashes and try to increase their familiarity with the eyelash extension procedure. Confidence, knowledge, and hospitality are indispensable qualities that should be exhibited by any expert in these fields. Although many artists don’t give much thought to such pre-counseling sessions, they can undoubtedly prove beneficial.

Here are a few reasons why these sessions are essential

  • When assessing whether a customer is suited to having eyelash extensions, it is very important. To avoid any possible complications down the line, you should recommend that your client visit you first. You must understand their physical state in order for them to receive a safe session. Exhibiting honesty and explaining that there is a risk of irritations or allergies is essential, as it will help to lessen the worry and tension they could face if uncomfortable symptoms arise post-treatment. If, however, there are doubts about the allergy to lashes, you can come and have a few lashes on both eyes, and check whether the reaction the next day.
  • If the customer is not briefed beforehand about potential results, it could lead to distrust of your services and harm your reputation. Unfavorable reviews can bring severe detriment to your branding and business. Ultimately, the lash specialist or lash studio must make a decision that prioritizes both sides involved.
  • As a lash artist, communication and comprehension of the customer’s wishes are important in creating, and keeping up, a lasting bond. Clients may come into the studio with pictures and expectations that could be unreasonable. Because it does not always turn out as in the desired photo, because very much depends on the type of eyes, and the direction of growth of lashes. After observing the customer, only the lash artist can decide if what they want is achievable style-wise and concerning the size of application. The objective should always be to augment the clientele’s appearance – both must be on the same page to make sure that beauty is achieved.
  • If your interaction is unidirectional, the customer may believe you are trying to impose your resolution on them. Encourage them to concur with each aspect of the result. As a lash artist, you may have a clear picture of how it will look, but the client might not be able to envision what you desire. This could bring about bewilderment in the end, causing her to either depart from the salon or seek out another lash artist. At this point in time, your conversation skills and display of eyelash knowledge will be distinctly instrumental.

Women frequently search for the perfect salon until they are satisfied. To ensure a pleasing experience, it is necessary to create a tranquil setting in your lash salon. Gaining insight from customers who have visited other salons may be beneficial in improving your own procedures; this knowledge will prove advantageous in competing with other lash salons.

In pre-counseling sessions, here’s what you should tell your clients

Eyelash extensions revolutionize the realm of beauty. They lend a sudden, extraordinary allure to your presence and make your eyes look more emphasized, which leads to a slimmer facial structure overall. Unlike false lashes, they offer a natural, enduring beauty for your peepers– practically nullifying the need for any eye makeup when you roll out of bed and still be amazingly gorgeous.

  • Two to three weeks are required for a refill session at the lash salon once you have decided on the intensity of your natural lashes in terms of their length, thickness, and curl. Depending on the state of the lash extensions, each session might take 1-1.5 hours.
  • Lash extensions can last for a long time depending on the material used, the cycle of natural lashes, climate, and lifestyle of a client. It is essential to advise customers that adhering to recommended aftercare is critical to maintain their extensions for an extended period. Refraining from following the instructions set out by the lash artist may result in unhitching ahead of time.
  • To determine whether eyelash extension treatment is safe to continue, a patch test must be conducted. This monitors the client’s skin’s reaction to the particular chemicals used. For someone who has never received lash extensions before, it is best to only add a limited number of lashes during their patch test in order to prevent any trouble.
  • If there is any documented history of allergic responses due to lash extensions, you may need to release your client. Even those with sensitive skin when using beauty products can be likely to have an allergic reaction from the lash adhesive.
  • The adhesive for lash bonding may cause inflammation or allergic reactions in some cases, which is why it is important to assess the client’s physical condition beforehand.
  • In order to help the client ascertain which look works best for her, you can employ your past photographs, design books, or virtual graphics. Additionally, instruct clients to arrive at their lash appointment without any make-up on.

What information should be obtained from first-time clients when booking an appointment at a lash salon?

Is it your first time with eyelash extensions?

Do the extensions need to be applied for a certain length of time? Let them know that how long the lashes last and how strong they are will depend on the condition of the lashes.

Are you pregnant?

When dealing with expecting mothers, it is key to fully prepare them beforehand as they need to stay motionless in one location for an appropriate period of time.

Are you prepping up for an upcoming event or occasion?

You can reconsider your recommendations for special events.

Are you taking any medications currently?

Decline service to any client who is suffering from an infectious disease in order to protect the cleanliness of the salon and the wellbeing of other customers and employees.

Did you have any plastic surgery recently? 

Request that they delay submitting requests for extensions for a few months.

Do you wear contact lenses?

Advise the client to bring their eyeglasses and contact case if they normally wear them when they come in for their appointment.

Do you experience any inflammation or swelling when using cosmetic products?

Clients with sensitive skin are more prone to allergic reactions.

Do you suffer from any other skin reactions or allergies? 

A patch test can decide if the client can go ahead with the procedure.

Wrapping it up

HIT Lashes invites you to our eyelash extension courses in Miami. We always recommend to start training with a natural volume, such as classic or light volume, because this is the base. And especially if the client is doing lashes for the first time and then if they want to add more. And especially if the client came with a photo of a large volume, but has never done lashes in his life. A pleasant atmosphere in our studio and professional staff will ensure that you have the best experience with volume or classic eyelash extensions.