Can You Work Out with Eyelash-Extensions

Can You Work Out with Eyelash Extensions? Here are 5 Tips to Consider!

Women today frequently tend to their fitness routine. Workouts have morphed into a vital part of everyday life for them. Women prefer being stylish even as they swim, dance, or lift weights. If asked to choose between attractiveness and exercise, it would be tough for these women to compromise on either side.

You can get perfect, fluttering lashes with eyelash extensions. However, you need to be careful that you don’t destroy the new set due to small mistakes. If handled with care, these eyelashes can be worn during activities like swimming, sleeping, cooking and exercising. Watch out for oil, heat and sweat though – these elements can reduce your lash’s longevity.

The following tips will help you maintain your volume and classic lashes while staying in shape:

Stick to the 24-hour rule

During the very first session with your lash professional, you will be informed to abstain from wetting your lashes for the initial 24 hours. This is because the glue employed for lash extensions must have ideal conditions in order to cure while drying out. This waiting period is essential for the lash adhesive to harden properly; as it draws moisture from the air to fully set when exposed during its curing process. Too much humidity, however, reduces this drying time and subsequently weakens the bond of the glue which results in inadequate lash retention.

Connecting this curing process to your exercise routine, let us discuss sweat. It is a blend of water, salts, and oil that is not able to be avoided while exercising. If the sweat comes in contact with the lash extensions during the curing time period, then the lash extensions may come off sooner than expected. To ensure that your desired lash extensions stay on for as long as possible, you must follow this one important rule without fail.

Workouts like yoga or walking that don’t result in overly profuse sweating are typically not an issue. But, intense exercises where you perspire for a prolonged period of time could be problematic. For this reason, it’s best to keep your extensions as secure as you can while they’re during their curing phase. If the finishing process is not completed correctly, issues are sure to come along eventually.

Before you hit the gym

Before any workout session, avoid putting on creams and sunblocks that contain oil. Sweating may cause these products to drip from the forehead and seep into your lashes. The oil from these products will cause the extensions to clump together, leading to poor retention and premature loss. Instead, use a sealer to seal your lashes 30- minutes before your workout session. The sealer helps to create a barrier between the lash glue and sweat, thus safeguarding your eyelash extensions from sliding off.

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Sweat around the face is a common occurrence in workouts. Without us noticing, we usually use a towel to wipe our faces. Nevertheless, ladies should be cautious! If there are lash extensions on and the skin is being rubbed harshly or more than needed, those lashes may come loose. It is important to keep these guidelines for customer satisfaction; the guaranteed way to do so is with longer lasting results.

Avoid hot showers or yoga sessions

High temperatures can lead to the breakdown of the bond caused by lash glue, making hot yoga and hot showers an enemy to your eyelash extensions. Lower the temperature of any hot showers you take, avoiding letting the water come in direct contact with your lashes. You can get around this by cleaning your face with cold water in a sink instead, which will help in prolonging your lash lifespan.

Clean them thoroughly

After you have finished your exercise routine, whatever type it may be, make sure to follow up with a cleaning process. If you don’t use a cleanser specifically designed for lash extensions, the extensions will not last very long. The salt and oil from sweat can ruin them if left on the lashes too long; this residue decreases retention and disintegrates glue bonds. Use a mascara wand to separate the tangled lash extensions in order to maintain their volume or classic set that lasts longer.


If you adhere to these workout guidelines for eyelash extensions, you can be certain of looking beautiful and healthy simultaneously. Low-intensity activities such as running, dancing, Pilates, crunches, planks, squats, etc., will not cause much damage to lash extensions. Nevertheless, if you select kickboxing, swimming in the sea or hot yoga then oils, salt and water that come into contact with the lashes could decrease the duration of your exquisite extensions.

Clients who follow the after care recommendations have wonderfully full eyelashes at refill sessions. And in that case instead of just replacing lost lashes HIT Lashes staff can add an extra layer of volume. Taking special care of your glamorous lashes is all about showing love for yourself, so make your appointment for the next session right now!