The Hottest Trends in Colored Eyelash Extensions

The Hottest Trends in Colored Eyelash Extensions

Every woman, when creating creative holiday looks or trying to diversify everyday makeup, probably had to experiment with shades of shadows, mascara and eyeliner. Do not be afraid of such a practice with artificial cilia – in order to look bright and unusual, you will have to abandon conservative black in favor of colored eyelash extensions.

Procedure specifics

Lashmakers offer various ways of decorating depending on the preferences of the client:

  • two-tone – eyelash extensions with colored tips that “play with colors” only in bright light;
  • multicolor – a wide palette of shades smoothly blending with each other;
  • eyelash extensions with colored inserts – adding bright blotches along the outer edge to the base black part;
  • gradient – stretching the tone from saturated to pale.

The most spectacular are colorful eyelashes made using the 2D or 3D technique. The cost of such a design depends on the chosen method, as well as on the quality of materials and the level of professional skills of the master.

Who is color eyelash extensions suitable for?

Professionals advise that in order for the effect of the procedure to harmonize with the image, when choosing the colors of artificial hairs, you must follow the canons of color:


A classic alternative to discreet black. Indispensable for blondes, because it allows you to achieve the ultimate naturalness. In addition, brown eyelashes are ideally combined with red curls, emphasizing the depth of brown eyes.


A good option for owners of almond, gray-blue, green and gray eyes. By playing against the contrast of jet black, you can create festive and everyday looks that will not look theatrical.


A categorical “no” for gray-eyed and blue-eyed beauties, since a bright, saturated background depersonalizes natural colors. Brown-eyed brunettes can “revive” and refresh their eyes, hide traces of fatigue with the help of halftones of blue.


Owners of fiery red curls and brown, light brown or dark green eyes, having decided on emerald eyelashes, get a mysteriously attractive look.

Yellow, pink, light green and other bright colors

Suitable for different types and features of appearance, however, for a casual or conservative style, such experiments are inappropriate. These catchy original options, as an addition to the overall concept of the image, are more often used for photo shoots and fashion shows, celebrations or special events.


A controversial shade that can visually emphasize all the visible advantages, or vice versa, make the look tired, painful, inflamed. Only a professional and experienced master who is well versed in color can work with red. It is not recommended to choose this color as a mono variant.


An excellent solution for the formation of harmonious bows for New Year parties or winter photo shoots. As in the case of red, it is better to refuse a full extension of white hairs.

It is not always necessary to blindly imitate catwalk standards and go to extremes, covering the eyelids with acid green or poisonous scarlet hairs. In most cases, the combined version or colored beams in the corners look harmonious and impress with the natural features of the appearance, effectively emphasizing all its advantages and leveling the shortcomings.

When is it appropriate to “add colors”

There are rumors that colored eyelash extensions are only suitable for young extraordinary girls. Following such an erroneous opinion, many of the fair sex give up the opportunity to enjoy their own dazzlingly expressive, expressive look.

It is important to understand that the correctly selected shade of artificial hairs will look elegant and elegant, shading the eye color favorably. A competent play of tones can be appropriate both for glamorous, eclectic or disco outfits, as well as for strict evening dresses and even classic business suits.

Color eyelash extensions are relevant for such cases:

Parties. Bright, creative, extraordinary and stylish – everything you need for a winning party look.

Show business and fashion industry. Eyes, skillfully accentuated with extended colored hairs, look amazing in photographs, attract the eyes of others and cause admiration.

Special events. A wedding or name day celebration is a great occasion for bold experiments. Before you build colored eyelashes for a solemn event, you need to “try out” the desired shade in order to be sure of a flawless result.

A professional master who will work out the color scheme in detail can help in the selection of the current image. By alternating hairs of different color variations and the technique of gluing them, the lashmaker creates ideal options, taking into account the features of the appearance and the specific purpose of the extended eyelashes.

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