Tips for Properly Caring for Lash Extensions

Tips for Properly Caring for Lash Extensions

Are you hoping to give your natural lashes more emphasis and draw attention to your eyes? Would you like to put on some volume for a full-on glam look? Fortunately, we can take advantage of the most recent beauty trends: lash extensions that will send your look to an all-new level.

Applying synthetic lashes to your natural ones with a lash adhesive, eyelash extensions are typically administered by a professional artist. Using the best application methods and products available, they consider eye shape, lash health, and the style selected in order to apply the extensions correctly.

In order to keep your eyelashes in perfect condition for as long as is possible, you need to know the ideal post-care techniques. The experts at HIT Lashes have provided a thorough guide that outlines the after-care process, so you can look gorgeous with ease!

Why is aftercare important?

No way to deny the attractiveness advantages of eyelash extensions, making them a smart investment. Just as you take care of all your valuable assets, maintenance is key for lash extensions. Providing adequate ongoing attention will help avert eye infections, look after your lashes’ health, and make sure that your extensions continue looking extraordinary.

Guidance for the Initial 24 to 48 Hours after Getting Eyelash Extensions

Your lash technician will advise that following a lash appointment, you ought to avoid immersing your lash extensions in water for 24-48 hours. The reason behind this is that air moisture can spark a chemical reaction which binds the extensions to your natural lashes. If too much moisture is added at once it will trigger rapid curing of the glue and weaken the connection between the extensions and natural lashes, causing them to become detached prematurely.

In order to ensure that your lashes remain intact for an extended period of time, you should avoid doing the following things within 24-48 hours:

  • Avoid getting your face wet until the extensions have been allowed the correct amount of time to cure. You must postpone any hot showers, steam rooms, sunbeds, or saunas during this period.
  • When putting on makeup, use only a small amount, particularly around the eye, since you won’t be able to wet your eyelashes.
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water or going to beaches as it could lead to lashes shedding.
How to Maintain Lash Extensions Between Appointments?

How to Maintain Lash Extensions Between Appointments?

After the first 48-hour period has elapsed, there are still many aftercare procedures one must take. To ensure your faux fringers remain in great condition for longer before needing a refill, here are some helpful suggestions:

Skip oil-based products

Lash extensions can be broken down due to their oil-based adversaries. Lash stylists suggest that clients avoid using any oil-based items, including facial cleansers, moisturizing creams, wipes, eye creams, cosmetics and makeup removers when utilizing either volume or classic eyelash extensions.

To maximize the lifespan of your beloved lash extensions, you must avoid using ultra-rich eye creams–as their emollients can have an impact similar to oil cleansers. As you take pleasure in flaunting the eloquent and fluttery look of your lashes, look into gel alternatives to eye cream for better staying power.

Avoid friction with your lashes

You can take some time to adjust to your lash extensions, but absolutely never tug or rub them. Not only will this action strain the area where the adhesive was applied and cause the lash extensions to lose their grip prematurely, it can damage your follicles and interfere with natural lash growth.

Enduring the allure to meddle with your extensions while you go through the day or during cleansing is a must. Those who tend to consistently rub their eyes will have to limit this activity if they want their extensions to look enduringly excellent. Friction can boost the amount of shedding, making repeated refills necessary and resulting in extra costs.

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your side or stomach with either classic or volume eyelash extensions will cause them to be crushed. Your extensions may also become entangled in pillow fibers and get tugged out. To make sure they last, it is advisable to lie on your back while sleeping and use silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones.

Pillowcases made of silk are an excellent choice as they prevent any pulling and snagging that may occur due to the threads of a typical cotton pillowcase. Not only will they promote the well-being of your extensions, but also reduce hair frizziness and wrinkles on your face.

As another option, exclusive sleep masks constructed of silk provide added cushioning around the eyes to safeguard your lashes. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the fact that they block out all light, granting you peaceful rest and awaking you feeling refreshed and energized.


After replenishing the lash extensions for the first time, make sure to use a safe cleanser to clean them, eliminating oils, dirt, or leftovers of make-up. Once forty-eight hours have passed and the adhesive is fully in place, it is essential to maintain a good hygiene routine with your lashes using HIT Lashes professional shampoo to prevent contamination around the eyes which can cause redness, itchiness, and discomfort. Thus, so as to lengthen their lifespan, do not forget to keep your lashes spotless and gleaming.

Invest in a spoolie wand

Cleaning your lashes does not only require a cleanser- you must also invest in a soft bristle brush or lash wand to delicately comb them back. This not only detangles the strands, but keeps them looking beautiful after cleansing with clean water.

Like a mascara brush, a spoolie wand is helpful for detangling lashes which have a tendency to cross over in time. With your eyes closed, employ the spoolie wand to take away surplus water and make your extensions look neat and in-line. Utilizing the spoolie wand removes the need to adjust or fiddle with your extensions, causing them to last longer.

Removing makeup around the eyes

A critical inquiry: how beneficial is it to wear makeup with lash extensions? By sporting a doll-like, big eyed appearance, extensions mean that you won’t need to use eye-enhancing cosmetics each morning when you rise. Lash extensions provide you with an effortless ‘ready for the day’ look.

As previously mentioned, someone who regularly wears false lashes is not able to put on oil-based makeup products, including facial makeup, as this will hamper the quality of the lash extension adhesive. If they cannot avoid wearing mascara, then they must only apply a small amount of water-based mascara (that is distinct from waterproof) to the tips of what they are wearing. Doing otherwise could cause the extensions to clump together.

Eyebrow and eyelash extension specialists always advise against utilizing waterproof eye makeup, as it is difficult to take off. If you wish to remove it, either an oil-based remover should be used (which is not recommended) or you must rub the makeup away hard. As you work to erase the stubborn pigment, you may end up yanking out your lashes too early.

The lash extensions may have some makeup that has built up on them. To clean the makeup-covered lashes, use a disposable cotton bud dampened with an oil-free micellar water or makeup remover. Doing this will help prevent any infection from one eye transferring to another. Makeup wipes can be beneficial too, as long as they are suitable to use with lash extensions. Steer clear of products containing PEG, hexylene glycol, butylene and propylene glycol, as they can potentially damage the adhesive bond of the eyelash extensions.

Lash aftercare for lasting lashes

Do not be alarmed if you happen to notice a couple of your lashes missing every day; this could be caused by weather or lack of proper maintenance. Once the life cycle of your natural eyelashes is over, and they start shedding, any classic set eyelash extensions connected to them will follow suit.

To improve the lifespan of your extensions, consistency is vital. To ensure their retention, it is best to go to skilled professionals who are trained in proper application techniques for great quality extensions. Poor application procedures can increase the probability of premature hair extension shedding.

It is essential to follow the guidelines listed above in order to keep your lashes intact, but regularly scheduling touch-up appointments (generally between two to three weeks) depending on the condition of your natural lash cycle and health will help maintain a full, luxurious lash line that will increase your self-assurance.

To maintain a full lash line, it is ideal to visit your lash salon in Miami when approximately half of your lashes have already fallen out. Allowing too much time in between appointments may lead to additional shedding, as well as unevenness amongst the lashes. If a new full set must be applied, this will take longer and cost more than getting a simple refill session done.


Despite the upkeep involved, eyelash extensions are incredibly rewarding. They look stunning and negate the need to utilize mascara, false eyelashes, and spend many hours preparing. These extensions can last for a lengthy amount of time, giving you the star-like gaze that you have always desired.

Stop postponing it any longer! It is time to go to HIT Lashes for the superb lash experience you have been wanting for. Our lash specialists in Miami will design a special look that fits your preferences and fashion.