Mascara effect in extensions

Wet effect, or Mascara effect in extensions

Extension of the effect of wet eyelashes is a novelty in the world of eyelash fashion, which has already managed to become a trend and fall in love with clients of lash makers. What is the secret of such popularity, how is the wet effect of cilia created and for whom is it suitable? Let’s talk in detail.

Wet effect (mascara effect, tinted eyelash effect or Mascara effect) is performed by setting unopened beams. Yes, just like the rays, only for each natural eyelash

Why is this effect worth considering? There are several reasons:

  • It is comfortable to wear, and in care it is no different from other types of extensions.
  • It can be bright and active or weightless and light – it all depends on the desire of the client.
  • Wet effect can be done according to any scheme and in any bend, without exception – C, CC, D, L, M, L +.
  • The brightness of the cilia can also be any. This also applies to volume – it can be from 1.5 to 4-6D hyper-volumes, but the Mascara effect looks best in 2D and 3D volumes.
  • With it, you do not need to tint your eyelashes with mascara every day. But this takes an average of 11 hours a month, and this is almost half a day.

In the office, at home, on a date, in the pool, in the gym – such a make-up is perfect and appropriate in any circumstances.

The eyelash row after such a volume extension becomes more magnificent and more voluminous without much weighting. Eyelashes look unusual and bright, but at the same time absolutely natural and even slightly careless – as if you had just washed your face or got out of the shower, and their tips were slightly tangled. Everything is in the spirit of the latest trends – this is clearly seen in the photo of the wet effect of eyelashes.

Who suits

Mascara trend effect lashes are an option for those who:

  • wants to try something new in extensions;
  • tired of fluffy volumes;
  • prefers naturalness;
  • considers the classics invisible, and 2D volume too fluffy.
  • Fashionable wet effect refers to the bright extension effects – those that emphasize or soften the features of the appearance. Therefore, lash makers do not recommend experimenting with it for age-related clients when it comes to signs of withering of the skin around the eyes – fine wrinkles, drooping of the upper eyelid, etc.


It is strictly impossible to increase the effect of wet eyelashes when:

  • individual sensitivity to the components of the adhesive;
  • any eye diseases;
  • rehabilitation after ophthalmic operations;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • asthma;
  • acute viral and infectious pathologies.

Caution should be taken when building during pregnancy and breastfeeding – these periods are not absolute contraindications to the procedure, but due to the unstable hormonal background, synthetic hairs can crumble faster.

Step by step execution technique

The procedure for building the effect of wet eyelashes takes place in several stages:

  • Preparation of the working area. The skin of the eyelids is cleansed of impurities, the remnants of decorative products are removed. Natural eyelashes are degreased, carefully combed. The lower eyelids are covered with hydrogel patches.
  • Extension directly. Using curved tweezers, an unopened bundle is formed and attached to the native hair, making an indent of at least 0.5-0.1 mm from the edge of the eyelid. Also, step by step, fill the entire ciliary row.
  • Final processing. After all the bundles are attached, the ciliary row is combed with a comb-brush. The top edge of the cilia should be “needle” – the hairs look like they are tangled at the tips, but they are not really glued together.

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing complicated in how to make a wet eyelash effect. But it is better to trust the creation of a trendy effect of volumetric extensions to certified lash makers of specialized studios or salons. This is because, in fact, the procedure requires an impeccable mastery of technology – the final result depends on the correct formation of the beam, the observance of the direction. So, even one open or incorrectly placed beam can spoil the whole picture, and instead of a beautiful transformation of the look, you will get just chaos before your eyes.