What are the Money-Saving Benefits of Eyelash Extensions?

What are the Money-Saving Benefits of Eyelash Extensions?

A piece of art cannot be perfected without the right frame – eyelash extensions work as frames to accentuate the magnificence of your eyes. Women with shorter lashes can relate to this feeling and put forth an effort, investing money and going through a lot of hassle to place mascara or false lashes on their eyes to make them seem more delightful. With lash extensions, women who are on-the-go have the convenience of saving time and money while still having the chance to show off a celebrity look 24/7.

When considering getting eyelash extensions, you’ll have to visit your lash artist every 3 to 4 weeks to refill if you adhere to the rules. You can customize your look by choosing different lengths, thicknesses, colors, and curls for a dramatic finish or go for a more natural option that won’t take as much time in your morning routine. It’s important to talk with your lash artist beforehand so they understand what look you’re trying to achieve. Prices typically range from $80-$300 for a complete set of classic or volume lashes, and infill sessions cost less. Before making the plunge, you may want to speak with people or do research online about costs and all other aspects of eyelash extensions.

Do not believe you are saving money by going to a salon charging $80, and do not assume the most expensive is always the best. Extensive research can help protect your eyes and natural lashes from potential harm.

Suppose you drop by a salon that is $ 180; a fairly reasonable price to acquire incredible lashes. If your lashes are healthy and shedding naturally, they should last a median of three to four weeks before you have to go back. Given that each four-week span entails an investment of $180 for unbelievable eyelashes, that works out to about $45. Ergo, you are putting out $45 per week so as to dress up 24/7.

Let’s dive deeper

They are great time savers

All women are distinct; we individually require a diverse timeframe to complete a given job. Those that choose lash extensions don’t have to use eye make-up (no mascara, eyeliner, or shadow), resulting in 15 minutes daily of savings. These luscious fluttery lashes will make a woman’s natural eye beauty be the center of attention. Consequently, over the course of a month (30 days) these females will save 7 and a half hours! That isn’t much to many though – but for hectic lifestyles, being able to take 7 hours for yourself is quite pleasing.

For all those who find great joy in getting extra beauty rest each morning, lash extensions are the ideal choice! Not only do they look lovely and dainty on their own, but with just a splash of water to the face and some lip balm to top it off, you are all set for the day. If you are more of a workaholic and would prefer putting your time to good use, by adding seven hours of extra work into your daily wage, you can save money in no time!

They require minimal care and look great by themselves

To make your lashes look great, simply brush them each morning using a lash wand or spoolie brush. For your extensions to last longer, you should stick to the following guidelines. If you are looking to save some money, then these eye makeup must-haves can be dropped:


If you are wearing eyelash extensions, you no longer need to spend money on expensive mascaras. By avoiding the daily use of mascara, you can save anywhere from $3-$30, depending on where you buy it from. You also don’t have to worry about your mascara running when swimming or exercising. With eyelash extensions, there is no need to constantly check and reapply mascara during your everyday errands or prior to a dinner date.

False Lashes

On a daily basis, women who wear faux strip eyelashes know the effort it takes – a nuisance because they must be applied early enough. Most of the time, two or three tries are required to do it correctly. Costs can vary from $5 to $30 depending on what kind they pick. So if someone wears them every day, this could amount to up to $100 monthly based on their choice and style. Money-saver indeed!

Lash Glue

Lash extensions don’t require lash glue, so it’s an approximately $10 a month savings compared to what you’ve been buying! You also won’t need a lash curler either, which could misalign and hurt your natural lashes.


Eyelash extensions make your lash line seem thicker and fuller, so creating an eyeliner illusion across your lid is unnecessary. As opposed to spending between $4 to $40 on gel, liquid or ink liner, you are able to save up each month. How great is that? That’s one less hassle for you in the morning!

Make-up removers

Applying too much mascara, eyeliner, or lash glue can be hard to remove. Taking off waterproof products requires a lot of effort and is costly. Eyelash extensions make the removal process easier since they don’t require a lot of thick or matt makeup. It’s not necessary to buy pricey gels or cleansers either; an inexpensive, oil-free makeup remover will do the job and get rid of the excess product.


No matter how convoluted the math and logic may be, it’s unmistakably cost-effective in the long run to pay the decent fee for your lash service. The savings are not just financial but also time-wise, making this a massive plus for women. If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to book an appointment with HIT Lashes and receive your amazing lash extensions! Our experienced team and comfortable salon in Miami guarantee that you’ll get the best quality of service at an affordable price.