Reasons to Avoid Reusing Eyelash Extensions

Reasons to Avoid Reusing Eyelash Extensions

Seeing as eyelash extensions are costly, it is rational to search for routes to recycle the item or service in order to save money. It stands to reason that getting your lash extensions replenished every few weeks is an investment if you want to maintain luscious and billowing eyelashes. Therefore, many people try to find approaches to make their eyelash extensions last longer or even reuse them. Still, recycling lashes is not recommended.

Lash extensions, which are applied by lash artists directly to your natural lashes, cannot be reused since they are semi-permanent. They will remain attached to your natural lashes for two to four weeks until the natural ones shed and the extensions fall out with them slowly. Since this is the case, collecting each of the dropping eyelash extensions and recycling them is not viable or realistic.

To help you comprehend why it is never sensible to wear the same extension more than once, HIT Lashes has created a list of reasons.

It’s almost impossible to salvage used eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions cannot be taken off and reused like false lashes. Your extensions will fall out naturally within two to four weeks, depending on the state of your natural eyelashes. To preserve a beautiful look, most people tend to schedule refill appointments every three weeks.

Consideration of a major point is important when getting extensions-each eyelash does not shed at the same time. During the time spent on development, one to five lashes can become loose daily, with each lash slipping off at a unique time.

Oftentimes, customers may not be aware that one of their classic or volume eyelash extensions has fallen out since they might be absorbed in some other activity. Because of this, collecting lost lashes is a near impossibility. If you’re fortunate, though, it is possible to catch one or two accidentally however these occurrences are quite peculiar.

It is not hygienic to reuse eyelash extensions

Lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes using a specialized adhesive containing Cyanoacrylate. If you decide to remove the lash extension prematurely or catch an extension that has fallen off, cleansing the lash extensions can be a difficult task.

From the point where your lash technician adds the extensions to when they shed, they are constantly surrounded by dirt, dust, and grime. When detached, some residues from the eyelash extensions adhesive which was used to attach them to the real lashes may also be taken away.

Taking the delicate nature of your eyes into consideration, using any unhygienic makeup items can lead to infections right away, and issues like dryness, swelling, redness, and conjunctivitis.

Eyelash Extensions are Susceptible to Damage and Wear

Over the course of most products’ lifespan, a natural amount of wear and tear is typically experienced. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions can keep you beautiful for weeks but are still subject to wear and tear during that period. Whether it’s through sweeping, cooking, sleeping or taking a shower in your day-to-day life, these extensions will eventually lose their initial integrity. Sweating or rubbing your eyes are also activities that have significant impacts on the eyelash extensions’ condition; they generally appear worn out much sooner than newly applied eyelash extensions.

Reusing Eyelash Extensions is not a beneficial option

Mentioned previously, our classic eyelash extensions have a semi-permanent effect. This beauty solution can last many weeks, granting you the freedom to be picture perfect every day. If you are concerned with cutting costs by reusing your eyelash extensions, mull over the facts provided above.

This trick will be least cost-effective for you. Even if, somehow, you manage to gather all of the detached eyelash extensions, it would be essentially impossible to reapply them all by yourself. Throughout our years in the beauty sector, none of the professional eyelash extension experts we’ve encountered would agree to place used eyelash extensions. Considering that your previously utilized lashes tend to be worn down and highly unhygienic these days, they won’t appear as supreme as they should after a typical retouch.


Becoming increasingly popular, eyelash extensions are an amazing way to up your beauty game and save time. At HIT Lashes, with the help of an expert lash artist in Miami, extensions matching the size, curl and form of your natural lashes will be selected for you to create the perfect look you desire. Your lash artist also has the ability to customize any look for you if desired.

It is important to take good care of your eyelash extensions and follow our aftercare instructions closely in order to make the most of their life. As a result, it is recommended that you get regular refills instead of trying to reuse the extensions. Furthermore, strip lashes are able to be used multiple times whereas eyelash extensions are made for one-time only use but can last for several weeks.