Tips for Preserving Eyelash Extensions During a Massage

Tips for Preserving Eyelash Extensions During a Massage

The fame of eyelash extensions in the beauty industry has skyrocketed due to their natural appearance and charm. Not even the thickest and most volumizing mascara formula can get you the same lightly-flowing and full lashes as those given by lash extensions. These extensions are renowned for providing the thickest, most fluttering, and clearest, clump-free lashes imaginable. Best of all, they make you look like this at all times!

If you desire to stay beautiful after you receive your eyelash extensions, you must follow the post-care advice closely. When it comes to massages, many women get uncomfortable knowing that they should abstain from this activity when wearing lash extensions. Everyone is hesitant to forgo this pleasant experience, but still wants to maintain the look of their lovely lashes.

Receiving a massage in which the client lies on their back is safe and does not interfere with the lashes. One should be aware, however, to never rub, pull, or press on the lashes. On the flip side of this, when opting for a massage where the customer is face down, several safeguards must be taken into consideration.

Find out how to protect your eyelash extensions during a massage!

What are the implications of lying face down on the massage bed for one’s eyelash extensions?

When getting either a classic set or volume eyelash extensions, the technician applies lash glue to attach the extensions on your natural lashes. When you lie face down and gravity exerts pressure on your eyelashes, the tension affects the extensions which can cause them to move from their original placement. Additionally, the extra pressure may deform the curl of the extensions, leading to more premature shedding than usual.

What is the correct placement for the face cradle on a massage table with lash extensions?

Massage beds come with different workings based around the type of massage, however they all contain an adjusting lever to modify the position of the face cradle. A face cradle is mounted on the headpiece of a massage bed and provides a place for clients to perch their head while in a stomach-down position.

Opting for a massage treatment with eyelash extensions requires that the face cradle be positioned at an angle suitable to distribute the head’s weight evenly across the forehead and side of the head. It is critical to remember that when blinking, the lashes should not come in contact with the fabric of the massage table.

What are the best ways to increase comfort?

Gather a sizable towel of about 2-3 inches in width and extend it around the person’s head and face. Carefully roll the cloth up and tie it securely to keep it in place, leaving the extended part tucked beneath. It should be centered so that the forehead takes up most of the weight and still allows their face to rest on the fabric. In this posture they ought to be able to open and shut their eyes comfortably with no discomfort.

In today’s stressful lifestyle, we need a way to energize and revive our body and mind. Massages help reduce stress and eliminate toxins from the body, as well as improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, leading to increased quality of life. There’s no question that eyelash extensions make you look fabulous, but they require careful tending if they are to stay looking good.


Adhere to these instructions from HIT Lashes to safeguard your classic or volume lashes and relish your massage experience. To keep your eyelash extensions for an extended period, avoid rubbing or pressing against them. Furthermore, it is critical to preserve your eyelashes from steam, oil, or other items that may interfere with lash gluing. Apart from these tips, the moment you visit a lash artist in Miami for the first time, they will be sure to provide you with counseling regarding all of the proper actions and actions not to take concerning lash extensions.